KazWaste Association established in Kazakhstan


KazWaste Association established in KazakhstanIn Kazakhstan there has been opened the Association of Waste Management «KazWaste». Its purpose is assisting enterprises, state agencies and the public on issues and problems arising in the implementation of activities in the field of waste management.

The objectives of the new organization is to represent and protect the interests of the members of the association; provide them with legal assistance and advice, participation in the development of legislation and regulations in the field of waste management, interaction with regulatory authorities on supporting entrepreneurship in the field of waste, training of industry professionals, the organization seminars, conferences and symposia on issues of waste production and consumption; public awareness of the problems and challenges in the field of industrial and domestic waste.

The activities of the organization is aimed at professional solution of problems in the field of waste in Kazakhstan involving innovative technologies in accordance with international standards, which will strengthen the balance between ecology and economy, and will help to protect the interests of both the population and the state of nature and consumers themselves.

«KazWaste» is open to new members. Its members may be individual entrepreneurs and legal entities whose activities are related to waste management.