The number of unemployed decreased

Sept 27. Kazpravda

By Aydin ASHUEV, Deputy Chairman of the Agency on Statistics

The number of unemployed decreasedIn August, according to the data of the department, 75.6 thousand people were employed by large and medium-sized enterprises and organizations and 82.6 thousand people left or resign from their job for various reasons. 84.1% of employees left for such reason as turnover of staff, 3.5% — for the downsizing or liquidation of the company and 12.4% — for other reasons.

– The turnover ratio of employment reached 2.3%, turnover of dismissal — 2.5%, the ratio of labor turnover was 2.1%. The replacement rate of labor force in the abovementioned period amounted to 91.5%.

As for the employment rate in the republic, the picture is as follows: the number of employed population in Kazakhstan in the II quarter of 2013 compared with the II quarter of 2012 increased by 0.7% to 8.6 million. The employment rate of economically active population (the ratio of the employed to economically active population) was 94.8%.

The share of hired workers in the structure of employed population increased by 1.0% and reached 69.1%. Of the total number of employees at the end of Q2 2013, 82.6% were employed by organizations (enterprises); 11.6%, — by individuals; 5.8% — by farming partnerships.

The share of self-employment continues to decline. Thus in the II quarter of 2013 it was 30.9%. Of the total number of self-employed, the independent workers make up 92.2%, employers — 6.0%, helping family workers — 1.3%; the members of the cooperatives — 0.5%.

The structure of the employed population in terms of economic activity is characterized by a large share of workers in the service sector — 55.7%.

The share of workers employed in industry, construction, agriculture, forestry and fisheries amounted to — 44.3%. Approximately 54.6% of employees were hired by large and medium-sized enterprises of the country.

The number of unemployed in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the II quarter totaled 469.2 thousand, or 5.2% of economically active population, whereas a year ago it was, respectively, 473.1 thousand persons and 5.3%. The unemployment rate of men (4.6%) was lower than among women (5.8%).

In the II quarter of 2013 in the total number of unemployed, young people (aged 15-28 years) made up 32.9%, those in the age of 29-44 years — 41.2%, 45-54 years — 18.6%, 55 years and above — 7.3%. The youth unemployment rate for the same period was 5.9% (in the II quarter of 2012 — 5.3%). The long-term unemployment rate was 2.5%.

Thereby, the unemployment rate has a steady downward trend; the number of self-employed has reduced while the share of the hired workers increased.