Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev Abylai’s dream came true

Oct 02. Kazpravda

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev Abylai’s dream came trueKazakhstan has many great personalities and one of them is Abylai Khan, whose 300th anniversary is marked this year.

Abylai dedicated his life to strengthening the Kazakh state, founded by the khans Zhanibek and Kerei. He liberated the Kazakh Khanate from the invaders and provided its territorial integrity. Abylai was a prominent ruler who dreamed of prosperity of the Kazakh people and the country.

Due to his character, the balanced policy, courage and intelligence, he inspired the people and united them and saved the Kazakh state from extinction.

In order to ensure a stable future and independence, we must remember the instructions of our ancestors. After all, they had to sacrifice a lot to create a strong state.

Certainly, the Khan, who selflessly served the Kazakh people and fought for their freedom, had many plans for the future of the country. However, due to lack of proper consent within the state, Abylai’s many dreams never came true.

Kazakh people overcame many hardships; they witnessed happy and bad times after the death of Abylai. He saw the hatred, deprivation, totalitarian politics, that had almost destroyed the national consciousness. But, the Kazakh people had managed to overcome it.

The modern generation has reached Abylai’s goal. In accordance with the international standards, we have established the borders of our country, which are internationally recognized. This allowed us to create grounds for long-lasting friendship, mutually beneficial trade, economic and cultural relations with our neighbors.

We have managed to keep accord in this sacred land. The model of our unity is known worldwide. We have constructed a majestic capital on the banks of the Esil river. Kazakhstan, respected all over the world, has become a sovereign stable state, famous for its unity and harmony. That was the dream of Abylai.

Therefore, the 300th anniversary of the famous Abylai Khan is a national holiday. And the national events, dedicated to him should be aimed at uniting the nation and strengthening of the statehood.

Life of Abylai Khan should be an example of the whole nation, especially for the new generation. The youth should understand the role of Abylai Khan in the history of the Kazakh people to be the real patriots of the country as he was.

Today, we need to rethink the national history taking into account the new approaches, developed during the years of independence. History is the life lesson.

In my speeches, I often tell that the unity of the people is the key to prosperity. And I am making every effort for that. The nation that does not draw conclusions from the past will not be able to make progress in the present.

The young Kazakhstanis can live in an independent country — the dream of Abylai Khan. Our duty is to be proud of the achievements of the modern Kazakhstan, to save the internal harmony and friendship.

Let our independence be eternal!