Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov visits New York

Sept 27. MFA

Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov visits New YorkOn September 25-26 Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov attended the 68th UN General Assembly in New York, participated in the High-Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament, and held a number of bilateral talks with his foreign partners including heads of international organizations.

In his speech, Erlan Idrissov reiterated Kazakhstan’s position on nuclear disarmament, where Kazakhstan is by right considered a global leader. He called the international community to resume the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, to begin drafting a treaty banning production of fissile materials, to convene a conference to discuss establishment of a zone free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction at the Middle East. The Minister also addressed the participants to support Kazakhstan’s initiative in adopting the Universal Declaration of a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World within the framework of UN.

Geography of Erlan Idrissov’s bilateral meetings was very extensive too. The Foreign Minister had talks with representatives of the European Union countries – Albania, Bulgaria, the Great Britain, Hungary, Macedonia, Portugal; African continent – Angola, Gabon, Guinea, Sudan; Arab world – Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates; North, Central and Latin America – Belize, Canada, Guyana, Ecuador; the Caribbean – Cuba, Grenada, etc.

Key agenda of the bilateral talks was Kazakhstan’s candidacy for non-permanent seat in the U.N. Security Council for 2017-2018. The Minister emphasized, that the membership in the UN Security Council is not matter of prestige, but a possibility for Kazakhstan to bring new ideas and approaches to the UN. “Kazakhstan has accumulated certain experience in strengthening of international and regional security. We make our contribution to food and energy security. Kazakhstan is leader in nuclear security and non-proliferation”, – Erlan Idrissov said.

Kazakhstan’s candidacy for non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council was also in agenda of Erlan Idrissov’s informal meeting with representatives of group of the least developed countries, which includes more than 20 states, such as Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Niger, Togo, Eritrea, etc. He briefed participants on Kazakhstan’s contribution in maintaining global and regional security, our priorities in case of Kazakhstan’s election to the UN Security Council and called them to support Kazakhstan’s candidacy.

Another important agenda of the Minister’s meetings was Kazakhstan’s candidacy to hold the World Petroleum Congress in 2017. Erlan Idrissov noted that the Congress in Kazakhstan would complement another important event – the international exhibition EXPO-2017 “Future Energy”.

Besides the principal agreements, the negotiations have turned into practical results. Thus, as a result of the meeting with Ecuadorian Foreign Minister the two countries have signed bilateral agreement on mutual waiver of visa requirements between the citizens of Kazakhstan and Ecuador. Kazakhstan citizens will be able to stay for 30 days without a visa in Ecuador now. The document is an important step in fostering cooperation in trade, business and tourism between Ecuador and Kazakhstan.

The Minister Idrissov met with UNDP Administrator Helen Clark where they discussed establishment of the regional hub for international organizations in Almaty, as well as new format of the interaction between Kazakhstan and the UN Development Programme. Kazakhstan Minister noted that Almaty is financial center of the Central Asia and more than 15 various UN agencies are located there. In turn, Helen Clark expressed her satisfaction with the organization’s activity in Kazakhstan and emphasized her readiness to continue discussion of these matters.

On the sidelines of the UN GA session Erlan Idrissov held introductory meeting with Iyad Al Madani, the newly elected Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Erlan Idrissov congratulated him on the appointment and wished successful work at the important post. He also emphasized that as a former OIC Chairman of the OIC Foreign Ministers’ Council Kazakhstan continues to play its active role in the organization. He briefed Iyad Al Madani on preparation for the 40th OIC Foreign Ministers’ Council session to be held in Conakry, as well as the future support to the OIC Secretariat and its member-states, thereby demonstrating the firm commitment to the principles of Islamic solidarity and mutual assistance.

Informal meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) member-states was held within the framework of 68th UN General Assembly. The Meeting was attended by Foreign Ministers of Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine and Turkey, as well as Deputy Foreign Ministers of Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Tajikistan and other CICA members and observers.

Erlan Idrissov expressed his gratitude to the Turkish delegation, currently chairing the CICA, for its contribution to development and consolidation of the Conference and emphasized importance of the IV CICA Summit which will provide an opportunity to evaluate the results of the recent 4 years of cooperation and to set up new plans for the future.

While noting the growing role and importance of Asia in both global policy and economy, Erlan Idrissov emphasized the growing challenges in the food, water and energy security. “So that this century would become the Asia Century we need to cooperate on the security agenda, in order assess our potential and reduce the tension. Therefore, the CICA activity is more important than ever», – Minister said.

In this regard, the Kazakhstan diplomat called the Conference participants to support idea of its gradual transition into a full-fledged organization which could become one of the key platforms for strengthening security in Asia.

The meeting participants emphasized the high importance of CICA, initiated by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the UN more than 20 years ago. They discussed the further measures for developing the Conference and wished success to the People’s Republic of China as the CICA’s next chairman.!/news/article/11921