Kazakhstan filmmakers successful at IX Kazan Int’l Muslim Film Festival

September 22. KAZINFORM. KAZAN

Kazakhstan filmmakers successful at IX Kazan Int'l Muslim Film FestivalIn the capital of Tatarstan (Russian Federation), the city of Kazan, has completed its work IX Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. The competition program of the festival brought together 40 films from 29 countries.

For the prizes of the festival in the main competition there participated 50 films: 20 game (10 feature films and 10 shorts), 20 documentaries (full and short films) and 10 animated films.

The winners in the categories of the festival were the main competition films from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Iran, Tatarstan (Russia), Serbia, and Egypt.

The best game was a short film from Kazakhstan called “Father ” directed by Aynur Ismailov.

Kazakh film directors also were presented at the non-competition shows, such as: a full-length feature film “Fatherland” in 2012 directed by Amanzhol Aytuarov, a short documentary film ” Kazakhstan. Near and far ” in 2012 by Dmitry Tarhanov.

Films included in the main competition program were judged by an international jury led by Soviet and Russian film director, a screenwriter, a producer, and the director general of film concern “Mosfilm” Karen Shakhnazarov. The jury also included film critic and cultural studies Langerov? Vera (Czech Republic), Iranian director Dariush Mehrdzhui and producer, screenwriter and director Kamalova Camara (Uzbekistan), film critic Ali Kos (Turkey), film critic Lyudmila Peregudova (Ukraine), and Razil shaft ( Tatarstan) .

There was a TURKSOI special prize. It has been awarded to film ” Babai” (2007, for a better reflection of the culture and traditions of the Turkic world).

The award ceremony began with the Special Award of the International Organization “Turksoi ” for its contribution to cinema of the Turkic world. It was the film from Turkey  “Ken”.

In addition, prizes were awarded to the best short documentary films. The winner in this category was “Melting Island” (Azerbaijan). The best animated film was considered “Village Masuleh” ( Iran) .