The first open kokpar championship of Asia starts in Astana

Sept 09.

The first open kokpar championship of Asia starts in AstanaFrom 10 to 15 of September, I open championship of Asia in Kazakh national game “Kokpar” will take place at “Kazanat” race track in Astana, where 8 countries will compete for the status of the champion of Asia.

Participants of the championship will come to the capital of Kazakhstan from Afganistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Turkey, China, Russia, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan. “We’re planning to hold this championship once every other year, and Turkey expressed desire to hold the kokpar championship of Asia two years later. Of course, we will carry out voting, but Turkey has all capabilities to hold this championship. In 2017, on the threshold of “Expo-2017” we plan to host the championship of Asia in Astana again, by this time kokpar will be well developed in Kazakhstan”, – reported the first vice-president of the Association of national sports Bekbolat Tleukhan.

As it appears, in kokpar a team consists of 10 players, but only four horsemen from every team are on the field. The game consists of 2 times of 20 minutes, it’s held on a field, which is 200 meters long and 80 meters wide. Two similar “”cauldrons” are on the boards (their regular size is 3.6 meters and 1.5 meters). The purpose of the players is to pick up a body of a goat from the field, carry it and throw it into a “cauldron” of the rival.

Let us recall, that team kinds of equestrian sport have been actively promoted in Kazakhstan since 1998.