New Kazakh Labour Ministry appointments

Aug. 21. Trend

By E. Kosolapova

New Kazakh Labour Ministry appointmentsThe Kazakh Government has made some new appointments to management positions in the Kazakh Labour and Social Protection Ministry, the ministry reported on Wednesday.

According to a governmental decree, Svetlana Zhakupova was appointed to the post of Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Protection. Previously she served as the programme manager in the project office of the National Information Technologies Company.

Serikkali Bisakaev who earlier served as chairman of the Board of Control and Social Protection Committee was appointed to the post of director at the State Research Institute for the Labour Protection under the Labour and Social Protection Ministry.

Also given a new post was Akhmadi Sarbasov appointed as chairman of the Committee for the Control and Social Protection and Salamat Amanbaev was appointed as chairman of the Migration Committee.