Kazakh expert: Disgraced tycoon Ablyazov organized uproar over his wife’s deportation from Italy

July 23. Trend. Astana

By K. Konyrova

Kazakh expert: Disgraced tycoon Ablyazov organized uproar over his wife’s deportation from ItalyThe uproar over the deportation of “BTA Bank’s” former head Mukhtar Ablyazov’s spouse Alma Shalabaeva and their six year old daughter from Italy to Kazakhstan was organized by the disgraced banker to divert public and media attention away from himself, Kazakh political analyst, head of “Who’s Who in Kazakhstan” information-publishing project Daniar Ashimbayev told Trend today.

The analyst said that Mukhtar Ablyazov has problems with the justice system not only in Kazakhstan but also in other countries. One example is the falsification of documents. This fact has already been proved in Kyrgyzstan. Ashimbayev also recalled that Mukhtar Ablyazov is wanted in Great Britain on several criminal charges.

“As for Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino’s belated statements, they testify to her own incompetence,” he added. “As it is known, the decision on deportation was made by Italy. As far as one can judge, the rules of the deportation process was observed by Kazakhstan.”

According to him, if Italy concludes that it has been provided with incomplete information, it has the right to request additional materials and re-check everything.

Ashimbaev stressed that the sensationalism over the deportation of the former BTA Bank’s head’s wife and daughter is a contrived action carried out by Mukhtar Ablyazov to divert attention from himself and his criminal cases.

RIA Novosti reported that Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said that the presence of Kazakh ambassador to Italy is not “useful” any more in connection with the scandalous “Shalabaeva’s case” that broke out in the Apennines after BTA Bank wanted former head’s wife and her six year old daughter were deported.

Ablyazov’s his wife and daughter were deported from Italy on May 31.

“There is no doubt that Kazakh current ambassador, who is on vacation after all of these events will not be useful any more,” Bonino said on the sidelines of a meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU countries in Brussels. “I think that no one will receive him.”

The Minister stressed that there are still unclear moments in the history of Shalabaeva’s deportation and they must be clarified. Bonino said that on July 24 she will make a report on the scandalous case in the Italian national parliament.