Kazakhstan is the pride of Kazakhstan and the whole Turkic-speaking world: Columnist of Turkish Once Vatan newspaper M. Kemal Salli


Kazakhstan is the pride of Kazakhstan and the whole Turkic-speaking world: Columnist of Turkish Once Vatan newspaper M. Kemal SalliAstana has celebrated the 15th anniversary with much eclat. But people continue to send their greetings to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Thus, Once Vatan newspaper columnist M. Kemal Salli expressed best wishes to the Kazakhstan’s capital in his interview to Kazinform correspondent.

– Astana has the title of the Turkic World capital. To what extent , in your opinion, the city’s potential in strategic partnership, cultural exchange with friendly Turkic countries has been used?

– First of all, we need to go back to basics, the time when the country’s main city was established. After Kazakh President’s decision to transfer the capital from Almaty to Astana, the whole world witnessed how the provincial town transformed and got the new face.

Then, few people believed that Astana would be able to compete with the major Western capitals of the world. Mr. Nazarbayev, with his perseverance and determination, began to carry out his big dream. And I must say, he has succeeded!

We see the special role he has assigned to Astana – Kazakhstan’s entry into the club of 50 most competitive countries in the world. For this the full potential of the country has been used.

The most important objects were designed upon the direct instruction of the Kazakh President, the most important planning decisions were made with his direct involvement. The best architects of the world – Kisho Kurokawa, Norman Foster, Kenzo Tange, and many others have embodied into reality the ideas of the new capital of Kazakhstan proposed by Nursultan Nazarbayev. The buildings and objects created in line with the plans of President Nazarbayev, have immediately become the main attractions of the capital.

With great pride, I want to mention the selfless contribution of Turkish construction companies to Astana’s development. And we are very glad to witness the results of their work.

Perhaps, that is why, I see the analogy between the Bosphorus separating Istanbul and Astana – a diamond between the two banks of the Ishim River.

In additon, the design of impressive buildings of Astana display impact of the Kazakh culture.

Currently Astana is one of the most dynamically developing cities in the world. And it copes with its duties as the Turkic World Capital.

Kazakhstan’s capital was awarded according to its achievements. So, in 1999, UNESCO awarded a medal and the “City of Peace” title to Astana. In April 2008, in Moscow competition “The best city of the CIS” Astana won nine prizes out of sixteen!

Astana annually holds symposiums, congresses, fairs, festivals, musical competitions and sport tournaments – that confirm Astana’s status of the cultural center.

– Nursultan Nazarbayev said Turkic people constitute “one of the most dynamic and cultural areas of the 21th century.” What is the role of Astana as the spiritual and cultural center of the Turkic world?

– Kazakhstan acts exactly  as the civilization bridge between Europe and Asia and not only because it is located in the “heart of Eurasia.”

Kazakhstan confidently implements all its bold initiatives, of which particularly noteworthy are the chairmanship in the OSCE in 2010, membership in more than 70 international institutions. Ethnic and religious harmony reigning in Kazakhstan demonstrates to the world the example of tolerance that inspires, as “an exemplary model for national success”. New capital is designed and constructed to be the pride of Kazakhstan and the whole world as well.

Astana’s development will allow to see the nation’s future. This is the epicenter of the state’s innovations. Only the real leader of the nation could foresee what place Astana will take in the future development and cultural prosperity of humanity.

Despite all its grandeur, Astana has managed to retain its uniqueness, it bears the title of the Turkic World capital deservedly. Its potential is unlimited. It is not only the dialogue platform for the steady advancement of the intercultural and interfaith dialogue issues, but also the youngest capital city in the world, a city that faces the future.