WEEKLY REVIEW: New program to be worked out for sports and physical education in Kazakhstan


WEEKLY REVIEW: New program to be worked out for sports and physical education in KazakhstanGovernment of the Republic of Kazakhstan was focused on the following: enhancement of mass sports, results of socio-economic development for the 2013 first half, consequences of “Proton” Russian carrier rocket fall at Baikonur and problems of inter-regional integration.

On Tuesday, July 9, at the Cabinet meeting there was discussed the issue of developing sport and physical education in the country.

According to Bakhytzhan Zhumagulov, Minister of Education and Science, today in Kazakhstan 87.7% of total number of pupils have the opportunity to engage in physical culture and sports. In this case, 23.7% go in for winter sports, and 1.5% for swimming. 56 sports clubs and about 2 thousand sports sections operate within universities.

However, according to the Ministry of Education and Science, the proportion of pupils going in for sports sections in 2012 was only 27%. E.Kozhagapanov, chairman of Agency for Sports and Physical Education, said that in the world 80% of school children do sports.

Following the meeting, Serik Akhmetov, Kazakh Prime Minister, instructed to solve the issue of compulsory school physical education classes with not less than 3 hours a week.

In addition, the head of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan summed up the socio-economic development in the first half of current year.

“Gross domestic product by six months amounted to 105.1%, the volume index of industry – 101.8%”, said S. Akhmetov.

Premier also stressed that the situation in mining and oil & gas sector was quite complicated.

On Wednesday, July 10 there was set up a meeting of the working committee which was established under Intergovernmental Russian-Kazakh Commission with regard of “Baikonur” complex . The meeting addressed the situation relating to “Proton” Russian carrier fall. As Mr.Kapparov, Minister of Environmental Protection of Kazakhstan, noted that there had not been found any exceeding maximum permissible concentrations of heptyl in the air and the soil close to the crash site of “Proton” rocket .

Head of Ministry of Environmental Protection said that immediately after the fall the surrounding villages were sampled for air and soil. During the laboratory test heptyl was found. Following the meeting, it was decided to hold a bilateral meeting on the problem.

However, specialists will examine samples of soil and vegetation to assess the detoxification results.

The vice-minister mentioned that after analysis there will be decided if to claim for damages to the Russian side. As per the agreement, all the costs for detoxification and remediation of soil and air are to be paid by the Russian Federation. In accordance with his words, the results of the investigation will be announced on July 17.

On Thursday, July 11, Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan provided data on demographic situation in Kazahstan. Thus, according to statistics the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan as for June 1 current year amounts to 17 mln. 010.6 thousand people, 9 mln. 339.2 thousand of which — urban population and 7 mln. 671.4 thousand – rural population.

On Friday, July 12, in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh Prime Minister chaired the Forum of interregional integration of Almaty, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda and Pavlodar regions.

Addressing the participants of the event represented by the heads of central and local authorities, large industrial and agricultural enterprises, reps of business and expert community, S.Akhmetov noted the importance of the forum in the light of implementation of regional integration’s targets set by N. Nazarbayev in “Kazakhstan — 2050” Strategy.

“Issues of regional integration are on the first place in terms of the Customs Union and forthcoming accession to World Trade Organization”, said the head of Government.

Akhmetov noted actuality of the President’s solution on establishment of Ministry of Regional Development, which mission will be to ensure balanced enhancement and competitiveness of the country.