Weightlifting: Kazakhstan wins 3rd gold at Asian Weightlifting Championship

July 10. Tengrinews

Weightlifting: Kazakhstan wins 3rd gold at Asian Weightlifting ChampionshipKazakhstan weightlifter Alexandra Aborneva won the third gold medal for the national team at the Asian Weightlifting Championship in Astana, Vesti.kz reports.

Aborneva, the current champion of Kazakhstan, won the competition in +75kg women’s weight class. She had the best result in snatch by lifting 110 kilograms. Nguyen Thi Kim Van from Vietnam was four kilograms behind her. Taipei’s Yao Chi-Ling completed the top three with 105 kilograms.

Aborneva started clean and jerk with 140 kilograms. Her nearest rivals began with 128 (Chi-Ling) and 133 (Nguyen Thi Kim Van) kilograms. Thailand’s Praeonapa Khenjantuek came closer to her rivals, adding 141 kilograms in clean and jerk to her 101 kilograms in snatch.

Vietnamese weightlifter Nguyen Thi Kim Van won silver by lifting 136 kilograms in clean and jerk at her best attempt. Kazakhstan’s Aborneva lifted seven kilograms more, scoring a combined total of 253 kilograms and took all the gold medals: for snatch, for clean and jerk and for the total weight.

The day before – on June 24 – Kazakhstan national team won two gold medals at the championship. Anna Nurmakhambetova won competition in the -75kg women’s weight class and Alexandr Zaichikov won gold in the -94kg weight class.


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Weightlifting: Zaichikov of Kazakhstan wins gold at Asian Championship

July 10. Tengrinews

Weightlifter Alexandr Zaichikov brought the second gold medal to the Kazakhstan national team at the Asian Championship in Astana, Vesti.kz reports.

Chinese Zhang ShengguoIn was Alexandr’s rival when he lifted 168 kilograms in snatch. Zaichikov made three successful attempts, lifting 168, 173 and 175 kilograms. Yasin Bagheri from Iran took the third place: he lifted 161 kilograms.

Zhang ShengguoIn performed first at lifting platform in clean and jerk. 206 kilograms was his best attempt. The Iranian lifted 201 kilograms and claimed 214, but failed to success with the weight. Zaichikov lifted 210 kilograms and won the gold medal with a total of 385 kilograms.

Before that Anna Nurmukhmbetova won the first gold of the championship for Kazakhstan. She competed in -75kg weight class.


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Weightlifting: Kazakhstan’s weightlifter wins gold at Asian Championship in Astana

July 10. Tengrinews

Weightlifter Anna Nurmukhambetova won the first gold for Kazakhstan at the Asian Weightlifting Championship that was held in Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital, Vesti.kz reports.

Anna competed in the -75kg weight class. The Kazakhstan participant of the London Olympics took the lead after her first competition lift. Anna lifted 114 kilograms in snatch. Her main rival Kim Un Ju from North Korea withdrew from the tournament after failing to complete her lowest weight of 113 kilograms.

In the first clear and jerk attempt Nurmukhambetova claimed 130 kilograms and completed it. This made her the leader of the combined total as well. In her best attempt she lifted 135 kilograms and scored a victorious 249-kilogram total. The second place was taken by Wang Ya-jhen from Taipei and Chinese Lin Tingting earned the third place. Beside the gold medal in the combined weightlifting, Anna Nurmukhmbetova was the best in both snatch and clean and jerk.

Another Kazakhstan weightlifter Anastassiya Shvabauer, who is a world junior champion, competed for a bronze medal at the championship. She was 5th after she lifted 98 kilograms in snatch. In the last attempt Anastassiya claimed 128 kilograms in clean and jerk but failed to complete it. Her overall result was 218 kilograms, which gave her an intermediate fourth place.