Nazarbayev: Earnings from natural resources to invest in production for economic progress, not to depend on oil and metal price


Nazarbayev: Earnings from natural resources to invest in production for economic progress, not to depend on oil and metal pricePresident of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is on a working visit in the Atyrau region, has had a meeting with the regional public. It took place during seeing constructed plant of valves.

Speaking to the people, the President noted that the Atyrau region is one of the centers of oil and gas industry in our country.

“I have been visiting this region for over 30 years, and I know what conditions were here, the city was not settled. Now, as you can see, the living conditions have improved dramatically. Atyrau is a symbol of how the whole Kazakhstan is developing under independence. I always emphasize that all work carried out by the government is aimed at improving the welfare of the people, and protection of their interests “, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, talking to the people.

The Head of State stressed that not far the death rate from cardiovascular disease in the area was one of the highest in the country. Now this figure has decreased as the level of infant mortality.

Addressing young people and teachers participating in the meeting, President Nursultan Nazarbayev described work aimed at improving the level and quality of education.

“The modern world is developing rapidly, and with it raises the level of knowledge. It is necessary to comply with this dynamics. The basis of competitiveness is in possessing unique knowledge. Across the country, schools are being built, there will be liquidation of three shift education  and emergency training schools. Talented young people are supported through the intelligent schools, the Nazarbayev University and “Bolashak” scholarship  by which there are about 1,500 people getting educated, ” said the head of state.

The President of Kazakhstan said that for three and a half years in the economy there have been implemented more than 540 projects, more than 100,000 people were provided with work. This year it is planned to launch about 50 new projects.

“For the development of oil and gas industry we are attracting investment. Only for the project named “Kashagan” we have raised more than $ 50 billion in investments. This insures earnings to the state budget. Implementation of other major projects, in particular, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, is also an important work directed to progress of the country “, said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The Head of State stressed that to reduce dependence on the primary sector the country’s economy was being diversified.

“There is a growing production in the manufacturing sector of the industry, established are high-tech industries such as helicopter building, production of photovoltaic plates and others. There is need to invest all the income from natural resources in production in order to develop the economy and not to depend on price of oil and metals, ” said the President of Kazakhstan.

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Nazarbayev visits newly built pipe fittings plant with no identical in CIS


During the visit to Atyrau Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev went to see the plant of valves being built.

The decision to build the plant in Kazakhstan was made in 2007 at a meeting of heads of state and chairman of the board of directors of “Chevron” corporation  David O.Rayli. Since then, a drafting group step by step was advancing the project to its logical conclusion. Since “Chevron” has not had much experience in manufacturing valves, there was a search for a strategic partner who would have had many years of experience in design and manufacture of valves that meet the high requirements of modern consumers, and would be consistent with international standards of quality.

Such partner is AVK company from Denmark. Long term agreement was endorsed to be provided by the company AVK with patented technologies, new equipment, and training local personnel and supply the necessary components for the manufacture of IT products, with no analogs in the entire post-Soviet space.

The head of state saw the exhibition of samples of products that are planning to be made in Atyrau. According to the President, the plant’s products will have export potential.

The activities of the plant will be fully ensured by citizens of Kazakhstan, from the management to workers. Plant team will consist of 75 people. All of them are highly Kazakh specialists who have been trained on the job. Currently, the plant is at the stage of commissioning, start-up operations are carried out for all the production equipment. At the end of July 2013 ther will be first planned production of finished products.

Its production capacity is 30 million regulating valves per year. Manufactured diameters are from 80 to 400 mm with operating pressures up to 16 atm. for drinking water supply, gas supply, and wastewater disposal.

The main market are communal services of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

Thanks to new production technologies and materials used there is reduction of the costs for installation, and lower operating costs. Guarantee of Kazakhstan’s producer is up to 10 years of service life – up to 50 years.

It should be recalled that the cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Chevron started in 1993 with establishement of of the joint venture “TCO”. Chevron was the first major international oil company, which started its functioning in the country. Today Chevron is the largest private investor in the oil and gas industry. In addition to a 50% interest in “TCO” joint venture, Chevron has a 20% interest in the Karachaganak field and a 15% share in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC).

“Chevron” also owns 100% of the Atyrau plant of polyethylene pipes (AZPT). The company does not stop there, it continues investing in development of businesses and attracting new technologies. Evidence of this is construction of a new plant of valves in Atyrau (AZTA), which has no analogs either in Kazakhstan or CIS countries.