Kazakhstan among top10 leading countries in public planning


Kazakhstan among top10 leading countries in public planningKazakhstan is among the top ten countries – leaders in the field of public long-term strategic planning. This fact was paid attention to in the study called “Vision for 2050: The new political and economic map of the world,” conducted by an independent think tank “Institute of Post-Crisis World ” Fund in 2013.

Absolute leadership in this regard belongs to the Chinese People’s Republic. Further places are as follows – United States, Germany, Japan and Russia.

The second five leading countries in the field of public planning are led by the Republic of Kazakhstan. Then follow the newly industrialized countries Singapore, Brazil, India and South Korea.

Among the issues that are addressed by Fund to global expert community is the question: “Can a long-term government planning to effectively influence the development of the country and the nation? ‘. About 60% of the experts answered this question with confident “yes.” According to most respondents, long-term government planning positively affects the development of almost all spheres of national life.

As stated by experts, Kazakhstan is a kind of a model example from the point of view of effective influence of long-term strategic planning for country’s progress. Back in 1997 Kazakhstan adopted the “Strategy 2030”, becoming the first among the CIS countries, which used long-term planning for building modernization model.

Before the crisis the global competitiveness ranking 2006-2007 (The Global Competitiveness Report), which is worked out by the analysts of the World Economic Forum, Russia was given 62nd place, Ukraine – 78th, and Kazakhstan – 56th out of 125 countries. In the last WEF competitiveness rating of 2012-2013 years Russia occupies 67 th place, Ukraine is on the 73rd, and Kazakhstan on the 51 th place out of 144 countries.

Last year Kazakhstan took 46th place (Russia – 66 th, Ukraine – 71th).

In the ranking of countries on the ease of doing business (Doing Business) of the World Bank in 2013, Kazakhstan has risen to 49th place out of 185 possible, from 82nd in 2006

“Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy sets new long-term objectives for the country, experts say.

We are reminding that the study involved 303 experts from 68 countries in all five continents.