«The Sun Trip: on the road to Astana EXPO-2017» cycling race kicks off in France


«The Sun Trip: on the road to Astana EXPO-2017» cycling race kicks off in FranceIn the city of Savoie (France) on June 15 started an unprecedented cycling race called «The Sun Trip: on the road to Astana EXPO-2017», informs the press-service of the “National Company” Astana EXPO-2017 ” JSC.

The participants’ bycicles are equipped with electric motors and solar-rechargeable batteries in support of the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 which is themed “Energy of the Future”.

Florian Bailly, the president of the “Journey to renewable energy” Association, is a mastermind of the event. Florian and race partakers want to attract the attention of people around the world to renewable energy sources, energy conservation policy and energy access for all environmental problems.

The unusual experiment involves 33 people from Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, the Czech Republic and France. Askar Syzbaev, a member of the Cycling Association of Kazakhstan, will represent Kazakhstan.

During the trip there are planned stops in the cities of Venice, Sofia, Bucharest, Odessa, Istanbul, Sochi, Baku, Atyrau and Aktobe. The end point of the journey is Astana – the capital of Kazakhstan.

Every participant chooses the route to Astana himself and the distance between the start and finish is about 6-7 thousand miles, depending on the intended path. The trip will last from 2 to 3 months. It is planned that cyclists will arrive at the destination point on 15 August 2013. The participants will be met by the residents of Astana city. After that it is planned to carry out the mass bike race about the city.

“All the participants of The Sun Trip 2013 are full of energy and effort including both experienced and novice ones, all are united by one common idea to draw attention to the use of renewable energy,” said the Chairman of the Board of “NC” Astana EXPO-2017 ” JSC. The Sun Trip will be unprecedented international project that will tell people of Europe and Asia about the upcoming International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. I wish you a good trip!”.

“We want to organize a new movement just the same as the Dakar, but for cyclists. And to show the possibilities to implement alternative energy”, said Florian Bailly, the founder of The Sun Trip. As believed by him the choice of Kazakhstan as the destination point based on the active development of cycling sport in the country.

The project is officially supported by Herve Gaymard, the former economy minister of France and the President of the Savoy region; Michel Barnier, the member of the Commission of the European Union; Jean-Claude Killy, the Olympic champion and member of the International Olympic Committee; Nicola Ulot , TV star, a consultant of the French President on Environmental Affairs; and Alexander Vinokourov, the Olympic champion; the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in France.

Among the partners of The Sun Trip are the EDF (the French national electricity company); INES (French Research Center for Solar Energy); ADEME (the French governmental agency for the implementation of alternative energy) and others.


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Astana to spend additional KZT 30 bln on EXPO-2017 preparations


In line with the 2013 revised republican budget, additional KZT 30 billion will be alloted from the local budget on the preparations for the International specialized exhibition “EXPO-2017”.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Kazakhstan has announced in a statement at the Central Communications Service press briefing today.

“KZT 30.7 billion and 20 billion will be alloted from the budgets of Astana and Almaty cities respectively for the EXPO-2017 preparations,” the statement reads.


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Kazakhstan visa prices may go up before EXPO

June 17. Tengrinews

The prices of Kazakhstan visas may go up before the international exhibition EXPO-2017, Megapolis writes.

Even now many of the foreigners are ready to pay $300-400 for intermediary companies to get visas for them, while the average visa price in the world is $50-100, Astana Tourism Association said. Kazakhstan tourist agencies believe that the prices may go up even more.

The official price of Kazakhstan visa stands at around 7 thousand tenge ($47) including all fees and duties, Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry’s Consular Service Department said. And no third parties are required to get visas, as all documents can be submitted online.

Head of one of the tourist agencies in Astana explained that the 8-fold markup to the official cost of the visa includes fees of intermediate agents. “The agencies take the money because their employees fully deal with papers and documents for their clients. Obtaining a visa requires an official invitation that has to be taken to the migration police where one should stand in several lines. Then you have to spend some time in the consulate service. Most tourist companies also charge an additional fee for issuing an official invitation to a person on behalf of their company,” he said.

The expert added that when EXPO would be at hand, many people would be ready to pay extra to get Kazakhstan visa in time and without any hassle. While the agencies are always ready to make extra money and would never refuse to “shake the money tree” on the occasion of such a large-scale event.