Abliyazov – caught in his own avarice

June 14. Kazpravda

By Leonid Chernov, Drawing by Sergei Murzasov

Abliyazov – caught in his own avariceThe fugitive ex-banker has been again vainly attempting to impart a political character to his purely criminal actions.

On the Day of commemoration for the political repression victims, Mukhtar Ablyazov posted a message on the social networks, saying that his family and himself had been subject to political persecution by the Italian authorities. That’s how he calls the deportation to Kazakhstan of his wife and daughter for staying in Italy on false passports. Is this regular procedure for such an offence of a political nature? Any country would have reacted to it in this way; otherwise various personae non grata would have long found refuge there.

Nevertheless, the fugitive oligarch keeps on, albeit unsuccessfully, trying hard to pose himself as a victim, using in his own nefarious purposes even the tragic date to our people. Or maybe he is not versed in our nation’s history, preferring economics? It is the history of political repression victims, of innocent people thrown into Gulag prison camps on slander and nasty tips of informers, for parricide, which they did not commit. They did not steal billions from their people; they did not steal anything, but were sent behind barbed wire all the same.

Does Abliyazov claim commonality with them because he had been in jail too, but for very specific crimes? Unlike these people he has not fully served his prison sentence, as was released on pardon.

What on earth stopped him from honest and decent living after the prison, as did the repressed people? The more especially as he was even entrusted with a leading position at the bank, forgiven for his previous misdeeds?

As it turned out, he did not come to the BTA Bank to work honestly. Not him! The upshot of his work is known – collapse of once thriving financial institution, theft, withdrawal from the country of $ 6 billion, then flight on false papers. So, where does policy come in?

Perhaps it was in certain media, his media empire? But there was nothing, except continuous “wheeling” and mudslinging against the home country and its leadership. It is, in fact, information warfare, unleashed by its own citizen, living outside it on fake passport! That’s where we have a real case of parricide and subversion.

Maybe in Ablyazov’s understanding policy is financing of criminal acts with the stolen money?

It turns out that Abliyazov is really a victim, but not of harassment for political reasons, but of own ambition and avarice. He had another choice, but turned it down.