Deepening integration and cooperation Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan continue the policy of further building sustainable states – Kazakh Ambassador to Uzbekistan Boribai Zheksembin


Deepening integration and cooperation Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan continue the policy of further building sustainable states - Kazakh Ambassador to Uzbekistan Boribai ZheksembinOn the eve of the forthcoming official visit of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Republic of Uzbekistan in one of the major national newspapers in the country titled “The truth of the East” published an article by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan Boribai Zheksembin with the headline “Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan: new horizons of cooperation.”

The Republic of Uzbekistan is one of the key partners of Kazakhstan in Central Asian region. Over the years, a sovereign and independent development of Uzbekistan has made significant progress in social and economic construction. Modern high-tech enterprises have been established in the oil and gas, power, textile, agriculture, tourism and construction industries. Impressive are the achievements in the field of transport and logistics, as well as the automotive industry – Uzbekistan has become a major exporter of cars in the CIS. In order to modernize production capacity and create favorable conditions for foreign investors free industrial and economic zones are being created. In the country there are functioning the zones Navoi, Angren and Jizzak.

Uzbekistan is making a significant contribution to regional and international security, assisting in the restoration of peace in Afghanistan.

The relationship between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are coming into a new stage of steady development, which is characterized by further strengthening of the comprehensive political cooperation and expansion of trade and economic cooperation aimed at improving the well-being of the peoples of the two countries, and to promote stability and peace in the region.

13-14 June 2013 The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev will be visiting Uzbekistan with an official visit, during which it is planned to sign important documents reflecting a high level multi-faceted partnership reached between our two countries.

All this is a logical result of the agreements reached during the official visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in Astana in September 2012, and the last sessions of the officials from the two countries at various levels.

Among them are the official visit to Uzbekistan in December 2012, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan S. Akhmetov, the meeting of the intergovernmental commission on bilateral cooperation in Tashkent in November 2012 and in Astana in June of this year, working visits of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan E. Idrissov in March 2013 and the parliamentary delegation of Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan in April of this year.

Symbolic is the fact that during the visit the two presidents Nursultan Nazarbayev and Islam Karimov are planning to open a monument to the prominent Kazakh poet and educator Abai Kunanbayev and the new building of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Tashkent, which also marks the inviolability of the centuries-old ties of good neighborliness.

Regular meetings at all levels let find common solutions to the most pressing issues of regional and international politics.

Astana and Tashkent are working closely in international and regional organizations such as the UN, SCO, CIS, OSCE and others.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have made significant efforts to strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation, putting forward proposals. This is a common position on promoting the initiative for the development of Astana in the framework of the United Nations Universal Declaration of a nuclear-free world, as well as the consolidated actions of both countries to establish a zone free of nuclear weapons in Central Asia, which was initiated by Uzbekistan. It must be emphasized that, in September last year the 67th session of the UN General Assembly adopted a relevant resolution.

Kazakhstan supports Uzbekistan’s efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the region, including the settlement of situation in Afghanistan.

On the whole, achieved over those two decades, the positive results in bilateral relationship, dynamics of mutual contacts at different levels have laid a solid foundation for further development and deepening of full-length collaboration.

This is a complex predetermined removal of the Kazakh-Uzbek relations to a strategic partnership, which is based on respect for the national interests of both countries and to promote stability and security at the regional and international levels. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan hold similar positions on many global and regional issues.

In the context of the ongoing global financial crisis, of course, of paramount importance is the expansion of trade and economic cooperation. In recent years there has been a steady growth in trade between our countries. During 2009-2012, the volume of bilateral trade between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan increased by more than 2 times.

According to the State Committee on Statistics, if in 2009 the volume of bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, in 2012 – more than 2.7 billion U.S. dollars.

As a result, Kazakhstan is consistently among the top three trade partners of Uzbekistan. All this shows the growth rates of mutually beneficial collaboration.

The achieved results can be regarded as positive and encouraging factor for further development of trade and economic relations. Currently, promising areas are the efficient use of existing transit and transport communications, expansion and promotion of direct contacts of entrepreneurs, as well as simplification of customs and border clearance, free movement of capital and labor, processing, storage and delivery of agricultural products, and more.

One of the factors contributing to the increase in turnover is establishment of representative offices and joint ventures. Today in Uzbekistan there operate about 180 companies with capital of Kazakhstan, and in Kazakhstan – more than 110 Uzbek companies in various economic sectors.

We are looking forward to active participation of representatives of business circles of Uzbekistan in the international exhibition “EXPO-2017” to be held in Astana. The election of the capital of Kazakhstan as venue of “EXPO-2017” is also thanks to the mutual support of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on the international arena.

As it is well known, an important condition of good neighborly relations is cultural and humanitarian interaction. In 2012 in Tashkent with the active support of the government of Uzbekistan at a high level events were held to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Thus, the Kazakhstan Embassy in Tashkent, together with the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan and the National Agency “Uzbekkino” organized an international scientific-practical conference on the theme “20 years of mutually beneficial cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: the past , present and future, “Week of Kazakh cinema, as well as a gala concert with the participation of Kazakh and Uzbek artists.

In order to further strengthen cultural ties during the official visit the Kazakh leader Nazarbayev will sign a cooperation program in the field of culture for 2013-2015.

Time has shown that the presence of large numbers for the Diaspora, which plays an important role in the development of cross-border co-operation and humanitarian, is a real “golden bridge of friendship” between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Since gaining independence, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are focusing on strengthening inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony, reviving historical and cultural values and distinctive traditions of all peoples living on the territory of both countries.

Evidence of strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the cultural sphere can be called reciprocal tour of national theaters and art groups. Each year, groups of Uzbek theaters are active in the theater festival of Central Asia, held in the city of Almaty.

In turn, representatives of culture and art in Kazakhstan participate in the International Music Festival called “Sharq taronalari.”

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan over the sovereign development became responsible actors in international politics having created their own resistant to the global financial crisis a model of national, political, and economic development.

This is evidenced by steady growth of economies of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and their gradual and consistent diversification, increase of incomes and social benefits, infrastructure, health and education systems.

I am taking this opportunity to sincerely wish the brotherly people of Uzbekistan peace and prosperity.

I am confident that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will continue the policy of further building self-sufficient states, which would further contribute to preservation and strengthening of security and stability in the region.