Kazakhmys develops ore processing innovative technologies


Kazakhmys develops ore processing innovative technologiesKazakhmys group is nearing to complete the development of unique technologies for cost-effective processing refractory oxide, mixed and off-balance sheet refractory sulfide ores of the Zhezkazgan field and is entering the stage of pre-feasibility study preparation.

This was announced by the company at the IV International Congress of Mining and Metallurgy called «Astana Mining & Metallurgy 2013». International experience of recycling shows that this technology is not currently used in production process.

The research and pilot test results confirm that the emerging technologies are very effective. This work is a part of Kazakhmys group complete program on the Zhezkazgan field raw materials resources replenishment.

There have been revised all the types of copper-containing raw materials that have not previously been involved in manufacturing and could not be recycled in a traditional way. This will fulfill the region resource base, use mineral resources more comprehensively and rationally and ensure the profitability of copper cathode production. Upon successful completion of the feasibility study for the implementation of innovative technology, impact on the environment will be eliminated almost wholly and there will be extended life of existing mines and employment will be secured. This work has been conducted by the company’s research staff for seven years. The project joined research centers of Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany and the UK.

“Within 80 years of operation the Zhezkazgan deposit recovered more than 1 billion tons of ore – 75% of total reserves. Our enterprises have accumulated a considerable amount of copper ore traditional enrichment of which is inefficient. Development and processing of these minerals is possible only through implementation of modern innovative technologies. We are working hard to make up raw materials base which will give a second wind for Zhezkazgan region”, concluded Edward Ogai, the Chairman of the “Kazakhmys Corporation” LLP Board of Directors.