Kazakhstan has lowest gas prices in Europe

May 28. Tengrinews

Kazakhstan has lowest gas prices in EuropeKazakhstan has the lowest gas prices in Europe, Moscow News reports. The newspaper is listing Kazakhstan among countries of the European continent because 14 percent of the country’s territory is located in Europe. The experts have calculated that a average gas price in Kazakhstan equals to 2.1 rubles ($0.07) per cubic meter. However, according to the newspaper, the prices vary in different regions of the country.

Kazakhstan is followed by Belarus, where gas costs 2.6 rubles ($0.08) per cubic meter. Belarus imports gas from Russia, however it gets to the end users at the prices twice lower than the purchase price because Belarus government sustains low gas price at the cost of the state subsidies. Ukraine was ranked third in the rating with gas price standing at 3.6 rubles ($0.11) per cubic meter. The country buys gas from Russia, but also has its own production. Russia is ranked fourth in the list with an average gas cost of 3.8 rubles ($0.122).

The most expensive gas is sold in Sweden: 59.9 rubles ($1.924) per cubic meter. Swedish gas prices are directly linked to energy prices. The country actively develops costly green energy: it covers almost a half of the total energy it produces. High gas prices are also registered in Denmark, Greece and Italy.