U.S. deny access to Kazakhstan students

May 27. Tengrinews

U.S. deny access to Kazakhstan studentsAround 40 students from Karaganda have been denied access the U.S. under Work and Travel program, Channel 5 reports. The head office of the program in Ust-Kamenogorsk explained that the U.S. Department of State denies the access to the students because of the Tsarnaev brothers story.

Meanwhile, according to Channel 31, the American embassy in Kazakhstan has refuted the information that Kazakhstan students were not admitted to the U.S. because of the Boston bombings.

The TV channel said that the explanation the tourist company gave to Karaganda students was an unofficial suggestion. Another thing that confirmed the version was that the travel agency immediately suggested them an alternative: a 2-month language course in the U.S. instead of the Work and Travel trip. But the new option was $4 thousand more expensive. And as part of the option the students would not be allowed to travel around the U.S., while the Work and Travel program gives the students an opportunity to work and travel around the U.S. for up to 5 months


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Kazakhstan students’ Boston case may be dragged out

May 27. Tengrinews

The date of the next hearing of the case of two Kazakhstan students accused of preventing justice by tempering with evidences in the Boston bombings case has still not been set, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing Arkady Bukh, the attorney of one of the students.

“Nothing was happening for the last 3-4 days. We are trying to get their evidence, but things are not moving forward,” Bukh told Interfax-Kazakhstan on Sunday. The exact date of the hearings “has still not been set”, he said.

Meanwhile, the lawyer believes that the check to find any match between the remains of the explosives found on the pressure cookers and the content of the fireworks thrown away with the backpack by the two teenagers may take pretty long.

“It takes an extremely long time to perform the check and receive its results. In fact, we are the last in the line in this situation,” the lawyer said.

It is not easy to perform the independent check, he said. “We have to write a request to the judge, the prosecutors will write their statements on the request and the judge will decide. This is exactly where 1.5-2 years of legal proceedings come from. Such requests should only be written in case we are not happy with the results of the FBI laboratory in Washington. So, this is quite a long case,” the lawyer stressed.

The lawyer says that his client Tazhayakov, who is kept in the federal prison, feels good and has not complained about anything. “The second lawyer from our office met with him on Friday. He seems to feel well. They keep him in a solitary cell. It is boring there, but safe on the other hand,” Bukh said.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz reported that the 19-y.o. Kazakhstan students are accused of conspiring to destroy evidences in the Boston bombings case.

The students may be sentenced to 5 years in jail and a penalty of $250 thousand.

The students confessed that they took the backpack and the laptop. The evidences were later found at a waste dump. FBI believes that “they took the backpack from Dzhokhar Tsarnayev’s room after they heard on the news that Dzhokhar was suspected of committing the terrorist attack.”