Global interests’ area

May 25. Kazpravda

By Rysty Alibekova

Global interests’ areaYesterday, Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov addressed the VI Astana Economic Forum and the World Anti-Crisis conference on their final day.

The PM, thanking the forum participants for their work, said that Kazakhstan welcomes the measures taken by the international community for a sustainable development of the world economy, confidence in markets and reduction of financial vulnerability. He also added that in the frames of Astana forum, it was offered to elaborate a Declaration of the World anti-crisis conference to be sent to the next G-20 summit.

S. Ahmetov focused on the anti-crisis measures, aimed at stabilization of the economy and financial system, in particular, diversification and modernization of the economy, creation of a favorable investment and business climate.

Speaking about the business support, S. Akhmetov said that in the Doing Business rating of the World Bank in 2012, Kazakhstan took 49th position. Over the recent years, the country has attracted more than 170 billion dollars in foreign investments.

The PM S. Akhmetov underlined that Kazakhstan is well-positioned in transport and communication area, and development of alternative and renewable energy. A real and practical step for transition to the “green economy” principles will be the EXPO-2017 “Future Energy”. The new market opportunities are also attractive in the frames of the Common Economic Space of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus.

– Kazakhstan is open for economic cooperation and interaction in a variety of formats, – summed up S. Ahmetov and called for cooperation all those, willing to do business in our country, that has ample opportunities for joint ventures.

Finally, the PM underlined the importance of initiatives and ideas, offered at the VI Astana Economic Forum and the World Anti-Crisis Conference.

The same day in the AEF frames, a traditional Astana Invest forum was held to attract investments to Astana, establish international and business cooperation, promote Astana brand – “Astana’s investment image in the world”, “Public-private partnership as a tool for attracting investments” and “Astana – the venue for EXPO-2017”.

The Prime Minister underscored that the support of specific business initiatives, improvement of business climate, and expansion of public-private partnership are prioritized in the Government.

He also drew attention to economic, geographic, business and human capital of Astana, opening up opportunities for investment, establishment of new productions, and development of intellectual services.

Astana Mayor Imangali Tasmagambetov emphasized Astana’s investment attractiveness, where the index of opportunities for investments is higher than the risks. There is a range of efficient measures and incentives in the special economic zone “Astana – new city”. Its main object is the Industrial Park (the area of 600 hectares), implementing 46 projects with a total investment of 1.2 billion dollars.

At present a second industrial park is being established in the area of 450 hectares. A number of preferences are provided for investors, inviolability of property is guaranteed, as well as the stability of contracts and other provisions. Such projects as production of locomotives “General Electric”, passenger cars “Talgo”, electric locomotives “Alstom”, helicopters “Eurocopter” have been fulfilled there.

A specific goal is set to create a completely new innovative city with a clean environment and high standards of life quality. To do this, a number of projects have been developed, particularly, the Astana Green City, offering solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy; Astana mobility, aimed at improvement of transport infrastructure and logistics of the city in the frames of the EXPO-2017; Astana is focused on harmonization of hospitality infrastructure and service sectors of the city with the international standards.

The forum participants got acquainted with Astana’s investment projects in the frames of the industrial and innovative exhibition and when visiting the Astana Industrial Park.

The memoranda of cooperation with foreign and Kazakh companies were signed in the end of the forum.

* * *

Akim: Kazakh capital interested in foreign investment

May 24. Trend. Astana

By D.Mukhtarov

Astana is interested in foreign investment, akim (head of administration) of the Kazakh capital Imangali Tasmagambetov said at the IV International Investment Forum “AstanaInvest 2013”.

According to Tasmaganbetov, over the past three years, the share of private investment in urban projects has increased four-fold.

“Over the past 15 years, the city’s population has grown two and a half times, the gross regional product has increased more than 90-fold, while investments – by 30 times. I believe it is a good sign for the investors. In addition, Astana is one of the few cities, which has created the most attractive opportunities,” Tasmaganbetov said.

He added that “it is about a whole complex of protective measures and incentives, defining clear rules of the game in a special economic zone ‘Astana – new city’, the main link of which is the industrial park with an area of 600 hectares”. Some 46 projects with the volume of investments of up to $1.2 billion have already been implemented and announced for implementation in the SEZ ‘Astana-new city’.

“Given the experience of functioning of this institutional structure, we have started the establishment of the second industrial park in the area of 450 acres, where most favorable preferences are awaiting our business partners: land, registration time for which is decreased by half, subsidies for loan rate of banks and partial guarantees to banks of up to 50 percent of the collateral,” Tasmaganbetov said.

In addition, investors are promised a simplified procedure for attraction of foreign labor and a two-fold reduction in administrative procedures. Following the commissioning, the taxes on on land and property as well as corporate income tax will be abolished.

“The sum of the value added tax will be returned, which reduces the expenditures of investors up to 12 percent. This is the base, within which many investors have felt the real economic impact. Among them are General Electric, Eurocopter helicopters, Alstom electric locomotives, the total output of which only last year totaled $500 million,” Tasmaganbetov said.

He added that the adoption of a new law on the forms of public-private partnerships will provide the investors with more opportunities and guarantees. He also said hosting EXPO-2017 will give a new impetus to the economic development of cities. “We are pursuing a specific goal of creating fundamentally new city with clean environment and high standards of quality of life,” Tasmaganbetov said.

To do this, he said, a number of projects has already been developed, providing for a reasonably profitable investment platform. Among them are the “Astana Green City” project, which suggests solutions in terms of energy efficiency and renewable energy, the “Astana Mobility” project, aimed at updating and improving the quality of transport infrastructure and the logistics of the city within EXPO-2017, the “Welcome to Astana” project, focused on the unification of infrastructure of the hotel business and service sectors of the city in accordance with international standards.