Kazakhstan’s success proves necessity of rapprochement of cultures and faiths – A. Akhmetov

September 8. KAZINFORM

A delegation of the Kazakhstan Parliament participated in an Inter-faith meeting for peace in Krakow devoted to the dialogue of cultures and religions.

The delegation was headed by Adil Akhmetov, Secretary of the Senate Committee for International Relations, Defense and Security, Personal Envoy of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office on combating discrimination against Muslims and islamophobia. 

The Senator made a report at a session on the dialogue of religions and cultures. Addressing the attendees A. Akhmetov noted importance of inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue in countering global challenges of modernity.

The deputy informed the session participants of the Congress of the World and Traditional Religions Leaders held in our country three times on the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and expressed an opinion on similarity of the ideas of the Kazakh forum and the Inter-religious meeting. “This proves that religious leaders play a great role in establishment of mutual understanding and harmony among the representatives of various confessions”, the head of the Kazakhstan delegation noted.

“Kazakhstan’s experience in ensuring peaceful coexistence of the confessions, ethnic and social groups on the basis of tolerance and mutual understanding proves the necessity of rapprochement of different cultures and religions in global scale”, he stressed.

The parliamentarians had meetings with Special Envoy of the European Union P. Morell, Secretary General of the World Organization “Religions for Peace” W. Wendley, Archbishop of Krakow Cardinal S. Dziwisz, Archbishop of Oslo O. Kvarme, Secretary General of the Community of Saint Egidio.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s initiative on promoting inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue on the global level was highly appraised at these meetings. The parties also highlighted readiness for further development of cooperation with the Secretariat of the Congress of the Religious Leaders.