Fireworks dumped by Kazakhstan students may have nothing to do with bombs: Tazhayakov’s lawyer

May 21. Tengrinews

Fireworks dumped by Kazakhstan students may have nothing to do with bombs: Tazhayakov's lawyerThe bombs used in the terrorist attack on the Boston marathon could be made from any material and not necessarily from the fireworks that Kazakhstan students allegedly threw away after the tragic incident, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports.

“There is an assumption that the bombs were not made from the fireworks. This is just a guess. Chemical tests and analysis is required to confirm it,” Azamat Tazhayakov’s attorney, Arkadiy Bukh, said on Sunday. “If the explosive was not made of fireworks, but, for example, from fertilizers, then the next question would be: what does it have to do with the fireworks then?” he stressed.

In this relation the lawyer will insist on a check to define if the remains of the explosive found on the pressure cookers match the fireworks found in the waste dump.

The next hearing has not been scheduled yet, but the judge gave the defendants 30 days to study the case and check the facts, Bukh said.

“We had agreed with the prosecutors to take 30 days to study the case and the judge approved. The prosecutors have promise to present evidences to us over the weeks so that we can have a sensible discussion and a clear vision of our client’s situation,” the lawyer said.

The defendants are already working with the two main witnesses in the case: Dzhokhar Tsarnayev’s roommate and Dias Kadyrbayev’s girlfriend, the lawyer continued.

According to the lawyer, they are also checking if it is sensible to make a connection between Terrorista No.1 car plate of the Kazakhstan students’ car (that was given to them by their European friends and associated for a pop-band) and the actual terrorism. In particular, they will have to check whether the plate is really related to a music band or a singer.

Earlier reported that the 19-y.o. Kazakhstan students are accused of conspiring to destroy evidences in the Boston bombings case.

The students may be sentenced to 5 years in jail and a penalty of $250 thousand.

The students confessed that they took the backpack and the laptop. The evidences was later found at a waste dump. FBI believes that “they took the backpack from Dzhokhar Tsarnayev’s room after they heard on the news that Dzhokhar was suspected of committing the terrorist attack.”