Festival of friendship and peace

May 02. Kazpravda

Festival of friendship and peacePresident Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated Kazakhstanis on the Day of Kazakhstan people’s unity.


The venue of May Day celebration in Astana was the square in front of “Kazakh Eli” monument, where a theatrical performance and a concert were staged.

At first President Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated Kazakhstanis on the holiday of national unity. Through the people’s friendship living as one family Kazakhstan has made considerable progress since independence. We have one home, one destiny and one land and a shared goal to make the state strong and people happy and confident in their future, – he said.

Then Nursultan Nazarbayev went around the 10 yurts, in which ethnic cuisine, arts and crafts, folk costumes, musical instruments, household items were presented.

In the concert that followed, a dance of friendship was performed by dancers of different ethnic cultures. Then popular bands and artists – Rin’Go, Madina Sadvakasova, Parviz Nazarov, Edil Husainov, Alisher Karimov, Almaz Kishkenbaev, Marjan Arapbaeva, Georgian ballet, dance groups in Uzbekistan, Russia, Uzbek pop star Sevara Nazarkhan went on stage, built in front of the yurt encampment. That was alternated by athletic performances – tug of war, arm wrestling, weightlifting, playing a game of togyz kumalak, in which anyone willing could join.

On May Day Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Moldavian, Uzbek songs rang all over the country.

Almaty. The main celebration in Almaty was held on the Abai square in front of the Republic Palace that had assembled ethnic culture associations of Kazakhs, Russians, Germans, Uzbeks, Ossetians, Turkmen, Poles, Tajiks, Ukrainians, Armenians, Afghans, Buryats, Greeks, Dungans, Azeris, Kalmyks, Koreans, Kyrgyz, Tatars and others, who showcased their folk customs, songs, dances, and handicrafts.

– Kazakhstan has a vast territory, huge mineral reserves, but the best wealth is our people united into one family, – said the mayor of Almaty Akim Akhmetzhan Yesimov, congratulating them all.

The celebrations were held in all parts of the city and were attended by well-known artists and groups, culture centers and thousands of the city dwellers.

Akmola region. On that warm and sunny day that made spirits bright after a long gloomy spell, the Tauelsіzdіk square in Kokshetau, was crowded with parading labor and youth student groups, regional ethnic culture associations. Then the governor of Akmola region Kosman Aytmuhametov, CEO of PC “Izhevskyi” Arshaly district, labor hero Ibrahim Zhangurazov, and others addressed their congratulations to them.

The festive program comprised amateur theatrical performance of “Kazakhstan” by the “Kokshetau” Palace of Culture, a flash mob of the students of Kokshetau Culture College, a stylized fashion show of folk costumes of different ethnicities of Kazakhstan. There were the so-termed language venues of the Akmola Kazakhstan People’s Assembly, presenting the school “Shanyrak”, where children are taught in eight languages, festivals of national cuisines, asphalt drawings and handicrafts, and finally – a concert.

Aktobe region

The May Day was celebrated in the parks, public gardens and other venues by a variety of cultural events: theater performances, contests, quizzes, sports, exhibitions.

The Art Museum displayed local artists’ works on the subject of friendship between the peoples and nationhood establishment.

In the square in front of the Central Stadium, and at other popular venues brass bands were playing, and in the main festival venue – First President park- a gala concert was held of finalists of the XIV regional people’s friendship festival, in which creative teams from the neighboring Russian town Orenburg performed as well.

Almaty region. Taldykorgan held the main celebrations in the central square in front of the I.Zhansugurov Culture Palace, where a concert and theatrical performance were staged by the local Drama Theater.

The Almaty oblast governor Ansar Musakhanov, congratulating the fellow- countrymen, noted that the most important asset of our multicultural country is the national unity, peace and stability that we must cherish and keep for future generations.

A most spectacular sight was a motorcade of limousines. There were exhibitions in the square of the local lore museum titled “Cultural heritage”, displaying works of Taldykorgan children’s art school.

In the Tauelsizdik street competitions of national sports took place. Of special interest among them was raising a camel colt onto the shoulder and walking a few steps with it, with which only one man coped – a judoka Olzhas Sakenuly.

The festive day culminated in opening of the new sales season of national foods and drinks. Throughout the city in white yurts the makers of kumys and shubat from 16 districts of the region were seeing the guests in.

In Atyrau about 2.5 million people took part in the grand parade – businesses, state agencies, universities of the region.

In the Isatai and Makhambet main square of the city, a big concert was staged by the local ethnic culture associations.

Congratulating the residents, the Atyrau region’s governor B. Izmukhambet said that we largely owe the peaceful life and equality, regardless of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, to President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s policy purposed to it; and our international recognition and socioeconomic progress is the result of friendship.

East Kazakhstan region. Ust-Kamenogorst was festively decorated on the May Day. People in the central square greeted with applause a motorcade of brand-new cars made at “Asia Auto” business and at least two dozen of bikers. These were followed by a festive parade of local ethnic culture centers, young athletes, the Olympic reserve, school and college students, chanting: “One Country – One Destiny! In unity – is our strength! ” Then marched the columns of Ulba Metallurgical Plant, JSC “Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant”, “Kazzinc”, Ust-Kamenogorsk Valve Plant and other large organizations of the region, 30 teams from them in all.

Ahead of the concert the East Kazakhstan region’s governor Berdybek Saparbaev congratulated them all, saying that good work requires a good rest. On the first day of May all the parks and fountains in Ust-Kamenogorsk have reopened, where people had fun.

West Kazakhstan region

The festival of people’s friendship, in which all the ethnic culture centers take part added to the festive atmosphere. Nurlan Nogayev -the region’s governor and chairman of the oblast Kazakhstan People’s Assembly congratulated the participants, noting that the Unity Day had become a symbol of solidarity and harmony, and the festival dedicated to it makes it easier to learn cultures, traditions and customs of the peoples. The concert marathon, in which folklore groups sing songs in different languages, will run until the end of the year, and its results will be announced by the Independence Day.

Libraries have prepared special exhibitions and after-school lessons. In the Abain square in Uralsk a theatrical performance was staged and students and labor teams marched in a parade; lots of fans gathered to watch competitions in gymnastics, hockey, indoor soccer, boat racing.

Karaganda region

Over twenty thousand Karaganda residents – representatives of companies and organizations, ethnic and cultural associations and students – took part in the celebrations. Then, at the Culture Palace of Miners a theatrical performance “Dostyktyn gulteji” started with participation of Kazakh pop stars and local artists. All the ethnic and cultural associations of the region also performed there.

The holiday was marked in all squares, parks and houses of culture in Karaganda.


Choreographic performance “Kazakhstan – one family” and dance groups and ethnic culture centers opened the festive events in the City-center. Along the al-Farabi street an exhibition of national cuisines was arranged.

The oblast governor Nuraly Saduakasov handed public awards of Kazakhstan People’s Assembly – gold medals “Birlik” – to the heads of several culture centers. A dance festival “Fireworks of dances” was arranged by dance groups of the town, national-cultural centers and educational institutions.

Various events, timed to the Day of Kazakhstan People’s Unity were held in all townships and districts of the region.


On the Day of Kazakhstan People’s Unity, over 4 000 local residents participated in the parade – veterans, representatives of NGOs, youth organizations, political parties, ethnic culture associations, education and health organizations, including industrial enterprises.

The oblast governor Krymbek Kusherbayev warmly congratulated the residents and said that the unity of the people, stability and harmony in the society is our most important asset that forms the mainstay of Kazakhstan’s statehood.

– As long as we’re together – there are no impossible tasks for us, – he went on.

A festive concert with Rosa Rymbaeva, Igor Blagodarny, Mansour Tashmatov, Roman Kim was held.


Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day was marked in the Astana Square in Mangystau, where the oblast governor Alik Aidarbayev congratulated the residents on the holiday. An exhibition-fair was arranged there by the ethno-cultural associations of the region.

Crafts Support Center “Kovcheg” organized a festival of flowers “Flower Symphony”, that brought together 50 artists from Zhanaozen, Atyrau, Aktobe and Uralsk, who showed snowdrops and May lilies, dandelions and cornflowers, poppies and sunflowers, carnations and daffodils, forget-me-nots and violets, daisies and mimosa, cyclamen and hyacinths, gladioli and lilies, cacti, shrubs of roses and even never-before-seen flowers, made of beads, cold porcelain, polymer clay and ribbons, the knitted and felted ones.


The holiday was celebrated on 20 stages and in all suburbs of the town. It was really a unity of action and joy. A symbol of the holiday was a “Wreath of Friendship” – two meters in diameter – made by schoolchildren.

A festive demonstration of national cultural associations, costumed performance, concert programs of the retro band “Dos Mukasan” and creative teams of the Friendship House”, various games were arranged there.

In “Yntymak” ethno-village the visitors and guests were shown the works of applied arts of ethnic and cultural associations, participated in making of national products (wood carving, pottery, carpet weaving).


That May Day was sunny. At the Central Square the residents were welcomed by representatives of ethnic culture centers that organized eight sectors to show folk art, traditions and way of life of all communities living in the region.

At present about 80 ethnic groups with more than ten national and cultural associations, contributing to building peace and harmony in society are residing in the oblast.

At the Irtysh embankment the young athletes competed in various sports under the slogan “We are against drugs!” In the central park a concert of local philharmonic was opened, dedicated to the Day of Unity.

In the Museum of Fine Arts, an exhibition of the CIS artists “Under the common shanyrak” was held, where the works of artists from Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Armenia were displayed.

North Kazakhstan region

In Petropavlovsk, the ethnic culture associations, students, schoolchildren and college students took part in a parade, concerts and various sporting events. Children’s creative teams prepared the program “Our merry dance”, an exhibition of children’s drawings was also opened there.

The best Petropavlovsk restaurants cooked the dishes of the national cuisines of the world.

In the evening, a special youth program started at the central square. Cultural groups and soloists of the town, as well as the Kazakh pop group “Zhіgіtter” performed there.

South Kazakhstan region

In Shymkent, the May Day celebrations took place in the central Al-Farabi square of the city.

Hundreds of families, friends and colleagues came there. 20 culture centers organized a special exhibition “The house where friendship lives”, presenting national traditions, crafts and cuisine.

First Deputy oblast governor Berik Ospanov congratulated them on the Day of unity, calling to keep peace and fraternity of people with common history and fate. He thanked the South Kazakhstan People’s Assembly for the work, which is a link between the people and the government and handed gold medals “Birlik”. Among those who received the award of the Assembly are Eduard Atran – chairman of the Jewish NCC, Gulnara Narova – deputy chairman of the Uzbek NCC, Latipsha Assanov – chairman of the Turkish NCC.

All the 20 leaders of the NCC received grants of the oblast governor for active participation in public and political life, a significant contribution to strengthening friendship and inter-ethnic harmony.