We need innovation, quality, new directions to meet the objectives of Strategy 2050, we need educated people – President of Kazakhstan


We need innovation, quality, new directions to meet the objectives of Strategy 2050, we need educated people - President of KazakhstanPresident of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the opening ceremony of the students taking the oath and the celebration of the third anniversary of the formation of a specialized lyceum named “Arystan.”

“Over the years of independence of Kazakhstan we have created a lot of military schools, including the ones for children. You have arrived from all parts of our country, the priority is given to children of the less well-off families, and rightly so, because here you live for free, feed for free, free education, and the competition chooses the best that can study in the best universities of the world, to become a true leader of the time. In such schools future leaders are getting trained. We need it, the country is moving forward, ” said the Head of state.

“We need money, we need innovation, we need a new direction to meet the objectives set out in Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy. For that we need educated people, ” said the President of the country.

“I see that all conditions have been created for you here. I see your eyes are burning to learn better, to show your best. I think, and the teaching staff and the parents do all for you to get true citizens of our country. I wish you good health, success in school, to be worthy citizens of our independent Motherland – the Republic of Kazakhstan “, Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the secondary-school students.

“This is a special school, especially since it hasbeen created not by government, but by private funds. Successful businessmen should invest their money for the good of the motherland “, said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The festivities began with the adoption of an oathby lyceum 9 graders, which contains the basic value systems and principles of their behavior – love of country, dedication for the benefit of its prosperity, brotherhood of school students, honor and dignity, pride and respect for lyceum rank, and etc.

In celebration of the Day of the Lyceum its students showed their military and athletic skills, and creative achievements.

The celebration was attended by members of the board of trustees of the Lyceum, the representatives of local authorities, as well as parents of the students.