KEGOC income and profit increased in the 1st quarter 2013


KEGOC income and profit increased in the 1st quarter 2013KEGOC, the System Operator of the Unified Power System (UPS) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, announces the preliminary unaudited performance and operating indicators for the 1st quarter 2013, Kazinform refers to KEGOC’s press service.

According to preliminary data, the income for the 1st quarter 2013 increased by 14.2 % and reached KZT 22 billion that KZT 2.73 billion higher than in the 1st quarter 2012. KEGOC’s profit for the stated period amounts to KZT 3.8 billion that 69% higher than in the last year.

Commenting on the indicators, Mr. B. Kazhiev, Chairman of the Management Board of KEGOC, stated:

“We are satisfied with the achieved performance and operating indicators. These indicators have shown that KEGOC is in a good shape in the course of preparation to the National IPO. KEGOC successfully performs the targets set by the government to meet the needs of the country’s economy under a long-term investment programme for the development of Kazakhstan NPG.

The main factors of the income growth were the increase in the scope of electricity transmission services and the approval of new tariffs for the services provided by the System Operator from October 2012.

For the 1st quarter 2013 the scope of electricity transmission services provided by KEGOC increased by 6.5% up to 11.84 billion kWh resulting from the increase in electricity transit by JSC Federal Grid Company via Kazakhstan NPG, as well as the increase in electricity export to the Russian Federation.

The scope of technical dispatching services amounted to 22.74 billion kWh that 2.9% lower in comparison with the similar period for 2012. The scope of electricity generation-consumption balancing services decreased by 4.5% to 41.54 billion kWh (43.98 billion kWh). The main factor was the decrease in electricity generation-consumption.

Based on the data of the National Dispatch Centre of the System Operator (SO NDC), electricity consumption in the Kazakhstan Unified Power System (UPS) in the 1st quarter 2013 was 24.64 billion kWh; generation – 25.26 billion kWh. In comparison with the similar period of the last year electricity consumption decreased by 4.8% and generation – by 2.5 %. The amount of electricity exported increased by 45% up to 780 billion kWh and the amount imported decreased by 68% to 170 billion kWh.