Export calculation and regional accounting

Apr 12. Kazpravda


Export calculation and regional accountingThe JSC “National Agency for Export and Investment “ KAZNEX INVEST” of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies calculated what contribution was made in 2012 by each region to the Kazakhstan’s export performance.

Billions – from the cathode, zinc and ferrochrome…

It is noted in the report that in general, the export of processed products in Kazakhstan in 2012 amounted to 25 billion 480.3 million, or 27.6% of total export (which in turn is equal to 92 billion 285.6 million dollars). And the leader is the Karaganda region with the volume of 4 billion 892.5 million (the share of processed products in total exports of 88.6%). The main export products of the region are copper cathodes, flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel and silver.

Next, in terms of export of processed products in 2012 comes the Aktobe region, thanks to the sold volumes of ferrochrome, ferrosilicochrome and ferrosilicon manganese. Its contribution is $ 4 billion 30.5 million (the share of processed exports is 36.7%).

The East Kazakhstan region, which exported the processed products at 3 billion 710.3 million (the share in total exports is 90.4%), closed the three leaders. There zinc, copper cathodes, gold, silver, lead, and tantalum accounts for the largest amount.

These three regions account for 49.6% of all processed exports.

The largest increase in exports of processed products compared to 2011 has been observed in the capital (due to uranium production) – by 135.5% (from 727.9 million to $ 1 billion 714.5 million dollars), the EKO (due to zinc, copper, silver) – 44.3% (from 2 billion 571.3 million to $ 3 billion 710.4 million dollars) and Almaty oblast – 42.5% (from 254 9 million to $ 363.2 million).

Moreover, there are regions, the share of processed exports of which did not exceed 5% (i.e. raw materials or products with primary (low) level of processing prevail in exports): Kyzylorda, (1.4%), Mangistau (1.6 %) and the West Kazakhstan (3.4%) oblasts. Customs context

Since the functioning of the Customs Union between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus there are separate numbers in the mutual trade. As for export, with a breakdown of the regions it amounted to 6 billion 837.8 million, or 7.4% of total exports to the countries of the CU. Again, Karaganda oblast, the export volume of which totaled USD 1 billion 679.7 million, or 24.6%, is ahead. The Pavlodar oblast comes the second – 1 billion 200.2 million, or 17.6%, and the third is Kostanai region – 1 billion $ 6.2 million, or 14.7%.

If we consider the share of exports to the CU in the total export of the country, the highest value of this index falls at the Pavlodar region – 59.8%, Almaty oblast – 45.2%, and Karaganda and Kostanay regions – 30.4% and 30.3% respectively.