Three days of jazz

Apr 12. Kazpravda

By Marina Mikhailova

Three days of jazzAlmaty was hosting twelfth time the International Jazz Festival, in which best jazz musicians from France, Holland, Hungary, Austria, the U.S. and Kazakhstan performed.

Three nights, the Almaty jazz fans had been enjoying the jazz music and improvisation at the Zhambyl State Philharmonic Hall, its venue. 2012 was declared the Year of France in Kazakhstan, which was inaugurated by the quintet of David Reinhardt – grandson of a famous guitarist Django Reinhardt, the founder of “Manush” jazz style. In this first visit to Kazakhstan, this quintet played the so-called “gypsy jazz.”

As David Reinhardt admitted, he knew next to nothing of Kazakhstan, and this visit had discovered for him an amazing, incredible country with a lot of exciting and curious things.

Actually, any international festival is a chance to open a new country to its guests, learn new things and meet people, – says David. – I want to talk with your musicians to hear them play live, and improvise together with them.

To his audience he offers best pieces of “Django”, creating at the same time his own style. He first acted on stage with his father, when he was 6 years old, and now -on most prestigious jazz venues in France and in many world cities.

Among other jazz festival participants are Mike del Ferro (Holland), The Mary Poppins (Austria), C. Baco Quartet (Hungary), Misha Tsyganov trio (USA). Kazakhstani jazz groups- Almaty Jazz Band and Night House were playing.

The guest artists conducted free master classes at the jazz school of Tagir Zaripov- founder of the festival, also jam sessions.

Tagir Zaripov says such festivals are supported by the participants, spectators and sponsors, and give an opportunity to the guests to assess the level of our musicians’ performance and promote Almaty as the cultural hub of Central Asia.