Getting ready for a battle parade

Apr 06. Kazpravda

By Olga Fainstein

Getting ready for a battle paradeFirst on our Independence record, a battle parade of Kazakhstani Armed Forces will take place May 7, 2013 – the Defender’s Day.

As explained in the Defense Ministry’s press service, in the usual military parades there is marching, demonstration of some models of military hardware and weapons in a static position, whereas battle parade is a showcasing of the military servants’ battle training level, coherence of actions, and combat capabilities of the Kazakh Army’s arsenal.

May 7, 2013 at the site of the Guard garrison, the army units will demonstrate skills in tactics and application of modern weapons and hardware that the ground and air defense forces avail of. Concurrently in the Caspian Sea, Kazakh Navy ships will be conducting battle firing.

At the shooting-range, battle firing of all weapons will be made. Planes and helicopters of the Air Force will carry out the actual firing and bomb launching, show aerobatics.

All the types of our country’s Armed Forces will show the level of the field, flight and naval training, including in intelligence and special missions.

In this parade on May 7 more arms and military hardware are to be demonstrated than in the general military parades of the previous years: 86 aircraft and helicopters, for one – twice more than in the last parade on the Constitution Day.

As part of the battle parade, contemporary models of weapons and communications will be on show.