Convenient alternative

Apr 02. Kazpravda. Almaty

By Zhasulan TAYPAKOV, Chief economist of the NB Department for cash transactions

Convenient alternativeKazakh collection coins can now be purchased in the online shop of the National Bank.

Modern digital technology allows people to communicate with each other, share files of various formats, download them, pay and get the shopped things while at home or in office. You can purchase online almost everything you need in everyday life.

In Nov 2012, the National Bank launched its own online shop, where anyone can buy collectible coins of Kazakhstan national currency for cashless payments. It should be noted that the NB today is one of the central banks in the CIS that opened its own online store. Prices for collectible coins sold in the NB offices consist of the costs of the precious metal, the cost of minting and the associated costs, and the buyers are to cover delivery and insurance costs when purchasing through the online store of the National Bank. In this case, there are no up-lifts, mostly added by resellers – retailers and distributors.

In order to buy the coins through the online NB store, the user should make a simple ordering: choose the favorite coins and their numbers, specify the required details and make payment. The order is paid on an Internet resource “Kazkommertsbank” through the e-payment system, where the user is redirected automatically when he clicks the “Pay” button. When making payment with a payment card, the commission is not written off.

It should be noted that not all bank cards initially have the option of online payments. In order to know whether the card is suited for online financial transactions, you should consult a representative of the issuing bank. Usually, if the card does not have this option, a corresponding application should be submitted to the issuing bank to activate the option or you should phone the call center of the bank that issued the card.

After the payment the order is given to the EMS courier service of “Kazpochta”. The coins are packaged in envelopes and boxes of the EMS courier service, the size of which depends on the number of the coins ordered. Delivery cost is automatically calculated when ordering according to the weight and postal tariffs of “Kazpost”. It includes the amount of the insurance, which is automatically calculated on the total amount of the coins purchased at the rate of 1%. The insurance is provided to protect the buyer in case the order does not reach him for any reason. If a parcel of coins is lost, the total value of coins will be returned to the buyer.

It should be noted that most users are satisfied with the online NB store. We are also pleased that the users write not only about what they like, but also about how and what should be improved. Taking into account the recommendations received the online NB store will be updated in near future.

Learn more at the Internet resource of the National Bank in the “national currency” section, where the document “Information on sale of investment and collectible coins of the national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan” is downloaded.