Long-term credit ratings for Kazakhstan banks

March 26. Reuters

Long-term credit ratings for Kazakhstan banksFollowing are long-term credit ratings for Kazakhstan’s major banks as defined by international ratings agencies Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Moody’s and Fitch.

Outlook in parentheses: positive (pos), stable (stab), neative (neg), developing (dev).

* updated today

Alliance Bank B- (stab) B3 (neg) B- (stab)
ATF-Bank N/A B1 (stab) BBB- (neg)
BTA Bank Withdrawn Caa1 (stab) RD (stab)
Bank RBK B- (stab) N/A N/A
Bank VTB Kazakhstan N/A N/A BBB-(stab)
CenterCredit B+ (stab) B1 (neg) B+ (stab)
Devt Bank of Kazakhstan BBB+(stab) Baa3 (stab) BBB(stab)
Eurasian Bank B+ (stab) B1 (neg) Withdrawn
Eurasian Development Bank BBB (stab) A3 (stab) BBB (stab)
Halyk Bank BB (stab) Ba2 (stab) BB- (stab)
HSBC Bank Kazakhstan BBB (stab) N/A N/A
Kaspi Bank BB- (stab) B1 (stab) Withdrawn
Kazinvestbank B- (stab) B3 (stab) N/A
Kazkommertsbank B+ (neg) B2 (neg) B (stab)
Nurbank B (stab) B3 (stab) N/A
Sberbank Kazakhstan N/A Ba2 (stab) BBB-(stab)
Temirbank B (stab) Withdrawn Withdrawn
Tsesna Bank B+ (stab) Withdrawn N/A


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