Celebration of spring equinox – Nauryz

Mar 20. Kazpravda

By Yulia Polonskaya

Celebration of spring equinox - NauryzThe country is getting ready to see Nauryz holiday in.

The country’s capital is already in festive attire, adorned by more than 40 small architectural forms, made by Astana designers. Many of them are made in a traditional style and show daily life scenes of our predecessor generations, folk traditions, customs and games of the Kazakh people – cooking nauryz kozhe main dish of the holiday and showing games.

These small architectural forms that had been in the making since January are made of iron, plaster, acryl, fiber concrete, fiberglass, and even fabric. Flags and light boxes are also part of the festive decorations of Astana. Festively decorated are the main celebration venues – the square in front of the “Kazakh Eli,” “Homeland defenders” and “Baiterek” monuments. Huge sets of flags are already installed in the park “Arai” and “Zheruik.” Light arches will illuminate Astana main streets and thorougfares after sunset.

By the roadsides trees are draped in multicolor light garlands. They say the more generous and gorgeous is the celebration of spring advent, the more bountiful will be the year.

On the eve of Nauryz the capital will see a unique light show- a present of the Belgian artists. This art installation can be seen already on March 20 at the square in front of the “Baiterek” monument and in the Lovers Park.

Gifts to Astana were made by residents of other regions too. March 22 at the main square “Kazakh Eli”- main celebration venue, spherical forms by green ecology designer Fuller will be installed. Ethnic village (etno-aul) of 40 yurts hospitably opens its doors on this day to the sounds of dombra.

Surely, no holiday can do without a fair. Van caravans are already on the way to the capital from all over the country laden with over 150 tons of greengroceries, honey, sweets, meats and festive treats to be sold at convenient prices. Chefs will offer their dishes- bawyrsaks, pilaf and the main dish of the holiday Nauryz kozhe.

– We want Nauryz in the capital to be a really popular, mass-scale, cheerful, lavish and hospitable holiday – says Bolat Mazhagulov- the head of the culture department in Astana. – Traditionally, this day is marked at the lavish dastarkhan (table) among the family and friends. We invite all the Kazakhstanis to our festive table. Food, songs, dance and warmth will be here in aplenty!

Another part of the festive arrangements is an exhibition of handicrafts and a concert with best artists from all over the country performing.