UAE Masdar project practice studied by Kazakhstan to use at EXPO-2017


UAE Masdar project practice studied by Kazakhstan to use at EXPO-2017The Kazakh delegation of government officials and national companies of Kazakhstan involved in the field of energy and the development of new energy-saving technologies has arrived in Abu Dhabi.

The Kazakhstani delegation consists of the representatives of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan, Samruk-Energo JSC, KEGOC, Kazahenergoekspertiza JSC and Energoinform JSC.

On Monday the delegation visited the project called “City of the Future” – “Masdar City” (translated from Arabic – the source) located in seventeen kilometers from the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The construction of the “city of the future” has been initiated by the government of Abu Dhabi to diversify the sources of energy, the development of energy-saving technologies, training its own personnel in the field. Thus, the Masdar project is to be the first city in the world supplied with solar energy, other renewable energy sources and having a stable ecological environment with minimal emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as well as with the system of full recycling of urban activities.

The main sponsor of “Masdar” is the Mubadala Development Company state oil and gas concern of the country. Visit of the Kazakh delegation is associated with the ability to study and further application of the expertise and technologies of the United Arab Emirates, and specifically “Masdar City” during the upcoming exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana.

Director of the Department of the Masdar project Daniel Calderon presented the project for the Kazakh delegation. Using the slide show he explained in detail the statistics of the project, the business model and corporate prospects.

It is noteworthy that Masdar project does not only develops the “city of the future” in Abu Dhabi, but also built the world’s first large-scale solar power plant capable of producing energy in the 24-hour mode. For comparison, Dzhemasolar project in Spain can operate without the influence of the sun’s rays for a long time, up to 15 hours.

Another foreign project of Masdar of the Emirates is the wind offshore power plant in the UK is recognized as the largest source of alternative energy at sea.

Representatives of the UAE Masdar project expressed willingness to share with Kazakhstan information about these technologies to be used in EXPO-2017, and to train in its universities Kazakh specialist.

The head of the Kazakh delegation, Director of Electricity and Coal Industry MINT RK Zhakyp Bokenbaev, told the Kazinform journalist that the material studied during the visit of the “Masdar City” was scheduled to be presented to the management of the Ministry and to get support for certain technologies to be used in our country.

“Study of inventing renewable energy sources is valuable to Kazakhstan in connection with EXPO-2017 in Astana,” said Zh.Bokenbaev. According to him three main areas are being analyzed at the moment: energy efficiency, renewable energy issues and projects in the field of nuclear energy.

Today, the volume of production of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan is 0.5 percent, but in the overall share of renewable energy sources in conjunction with hydropower it amounts to about nine percent of the total energy produced.

“That’s a good indicator. We have adopted an action plan up to 2020 which clearly deswcribes how much renewable energy will be introduced, what types, kinds of energy (thermal, solar), ” said Zh.Bokenbaev.

The Director of the Department of Electricity and Coal Industry is confident that Kazakhstan will gradually, systematically and based on new technologies move towards a “green economy.”