Redistribution of goods and services

Feb 15. Kazpravda


Redistribution of goods and servicesIncrease of the domestic share in the goods, works and services and support of the local suppliers were discussed at the Forum of oil and gas companies “Oil and Gas: Kazakhstan content-2013” in Astana.

At the conference “Kazneftegazservis-2013”, Executive Secretary of the Oil and Gas Ministry Kanatbek Safinov said in 2012 Kazakhstan content in petroleum sector on goods was 12.2% and reached KZT 48 billion. The index of share of purchases of Kazakhstan works reached 49%, that is KZT 549.5 billion, in services – 66.8%, or KZT 817 billion.

– Over the last three years, procurement of local goods and services rose from KZT 681 billion to 1.4 trillion, – said K. Safinov. – During this time, Kazakh producers received orders worth 3.3 trillion tenge. Total purchases in 2012 compared to 2011 increased by 528 billion tenge.

But at the same time a shortage of supply in the local content and the range of the purchased goods shows that this output is non-capital-intensive, said the executive secretary. There are companies that have only 5% of Kazakhstan content. Such companies have to pay penalties: in 2012, they paid 350 million tenge.

K. Safinov also talked on a number of other unsolved problems, in particular the cases when local enterprises are not admitted to competitions for various reasons, non-transparent procurements, transition to more open e-format of procurements, refusals to accept orders of vendors, violation of terms of advertising, unjustified delay in conclusion of contracts and so on. At the same time, there are some complaints to the suppliers: quality of order execution of Kazakh producers, especially on the threshold of accession to the WTO.

The state support is needed to increase competitiveness of domestic suppliers, Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies Nurlan Sauranbayev underlined in his report and detailed on the achievements in legislative and infrastructural framework.

It should be noted that domestic suppliers of goods and services are gradually increasing their content in the market. More than 100 thousand people are involved in it, – chairman of the Union of Kazakhstan suppliers Almas Kudaibergen underlined and recommended to prioritize supporting small and medium enterprises, multi-pronged approach to standardization, and effective dialogue with oil companies.

One of the major players in oil industry – the national company “KazMunay Gas” – draws special attention to increase of Kazakhstan’s share. According to the tentative results of 2012, the total amount of purchases in the group of KMG companies was KZT 1 162 billion, while Kazakhstan’s share in the purchases was 60% (that is 11% more than in 2011). In 2013 it is planned to increase the share up to 63%, said Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC “KazMunaiGas” Magzum Mirzagaliev.

In general, in order to strengthen “provider – oil company” link, it is necessary to study and apply the international practice, general director of Kazakhstan Association KAZENERGY Asset Magauov noted. Uniform standard requirements to service companies should be introduced.

International cooperation, lack of specialists in oil sector and stimulation of new industries were among the topics covered.