Financial issues

Feb 09. Kazpravda


Financial issuesBudget disbursement, taxes and privileges, customs regulations in 2012 and plans for 2013 were discussed yesterday at the expanded board meeting of the Ministry of Finance, attended by Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov.

– At present it is not just monitoring of the timely tax payments to the budget and effective use of the state resources, – the PM said, – but good-quality services to the state, people and business. In this direction, the Ministry should work more efficiently.

– Waste and lack of control are not allowed, – he went on. – Administrators of budget programs should receive budget funds timely.

S. Akhmetov instructed the state institutions to join the information system “Treasury – customer” by the end of 2014.

As for tax and customs administration, the goal of the fiscal authorities should be the quality of the services provided, as the effectiveness of business depends on it.

Further simplification of tax reporting is also needed. The opportunities are provided for gradual transition to full electronic reporting regime, S. Akhmetov noted. This will eliminate a part of the procedures and the number of complaints will go down.

As part of the transition to universal declaration of income and property of the citizens, head of the Cabinet instructed to finalize the bill in due time.

The customs administration must be systematized.

– False declaration of goods, their slow registration at the border checkpoints, non-transparent customs procedures, shadow business of intermediaries and corruption affect not only the tax revenues to the budget, but also Kazakhstan’s ratings, S. Akhmetov stressed.

In order to improve the integrated border control, S. Akhmetov strongly recommended to complete transference of veterinary, sanitary control and plant quarantine supervision functions to the customs authorities.

– There must be only border guards and customs authorities at the border checkpoints, – stressed the PM and added that by February 25 the corresponding bill must be submitted to the Government.

S. Akhmetov approved the reforms in public procurement area, and said there is no an alternative to the e-procurement as it provides transparency.

The PM also drew attention to the need for further financial monitoring, rehabilitation of enterprises, effective management of the state property and instructed the Ministry to audit the state property by the end of May 2013. The work should result in a roadmap for privatization of non-strategic enterprises.

In general, implementation of socio-economic tasks and sustainable economic development depend on the ministry’s fruitful work, summed up S. Akhmetov.

Finance Minister Bolat Zhamishev detailed on the national budget performance in 2012. Thus, revenues are 101.5% executed, tax payments – by 101.9%. Plans for the main revenue sources are executed too, the arrears decreased by 142.9 billion tenge.

Republican budget expenditures are KZT 5 795.7 billion, the disbursement is 99.3%, pending disbursements make 0.7%, i.e. KZT 41.6 billion.

B. Zhamishev also talked on the Ministrys work in “e-gov” development, transition to other tax regimes for market sellers, improvement of public procurement, financial monitoring, interaction with state agencies through “Treasury – customer” system, work with debtors, effective management of state property and privatization.

Anuar Dzhumadildayev made a progress report on the Tax Committee of the Finance Ministry and Mazhit Esenbayev – on the Customs Committee’s activity.