Kazakhstan to export wheat to Iran

August 28. AgriMarket

Kazakhstan to export wheat to IranAccording to official sources, Kazakhstan will export nearly 1.5 mln tonnes of wheat of the harvest-2009 to Iran within bounds of the new concluded contract between the countries.

At the same time, in 2009, the export supplies of grains from Kazakhstan to markets of the Central Asia and Afghanistan will total 2-2.5 mln tonnes.

The country is expected to harvest 17-17.3 mln tonnes of grains in net conversion, in the current MY. Wheat flour exports will total 7 mln tonnes.

As a reminder, previously this year, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan made public own estimations of grain exports at the level of 8 mln tonnes as opposed to 6 mln tonnes in the previous season.

Beginning from 1999, Kazakhstan exported nearly 2.2 mln tonnes of wheat to Iran.