Kazakhstani artists at Sotheby’s

Feb 05. Kazpravda. Almaty


Kazakhstani artists at Sotheby'sFirst in Kazakhstan history the gallery of Rysbek Akhmetov displays in the exhibition “At the Crossroads” in Sotheby’s.

Opening Day will be held in New Bond Street premises in London, and, as Jo Vickery- the head of Russian art department at Sotheby’s said, it is a pioneering exhibition, which encompasses art from the mountains of Caucasus to Kazakhstan’s steppe and the Chinese borders.

The Gallery of Rysbek Akhmetov sent to UK the pictures by Salihitdin Aitbaev “Dinner on the virgin land”(1960) and by Bakhtiyar Tabiev ” A village by the Caspian Sea “(1985) that have become classics of fine arts of Kazakhstan that, according to art critics, most vividly disclose to the West an unfamiliar territory of Kazakh art of the Soviet times.

Remarkably, the picture “Dinner on the virgin land” by Salihitdin Aitbaev was much criticized in 60-es and accused of “picassism,” “bourgeois form-creating,” alien to Soviet art, and copying the plot of “Last Supper” (!) and the artist had to make minor changes for the picture to be accepted by the purchasing commission.

Another painting “A Village by the Caspian Sea” – gives the idea of Bakhtiar Tabiev’s art, showcasing Kazakhs’ traditional life style, intrinsic spiritual values and bonds to nature, which made it distinctive and prominent.