Tennis: Kazakhstan’s Andrey Golubev secured victory over Austrian team

Feb 04. TengriNews

Tennis: Kazakhstan’s Andrey Golubev secured victory over Austrian teamThe match between Andrey Golubev and Jurgen Melzer opened the third match day between Kazakhstan’s and Austria’s teams as part of the Davis Cup tournament held in Astana. Kazakhstan’s team was leading 2:1 after the first two match days, reports.  The leader of the Australian team could not afford to make any mistakes and started the match actively by sending the blows back to Kazakhstan’s Golubev at the Kazakhstan tennis player’s serve. Then he won his own serve as well. The score made 0:2. Golubev won two next games convincingly: he served without many any mistakes and then Austria’s Melzer made three double mistakes in a row making the score 2:2.

The key point of the first set happened during the ninth game, when Melzer managed to convert a break point. Then he won his own serve as well and won the first set with the score of 4:6.

Kazakhstan’s Golubev won three games in a row in the beginning of the second set. He had a chance to convert a break point in the sixth game, but failed. However, Kazakhstan’s player managed to win the second set 6:3.

Kazakhstan’s tennis professional made Kazakhstan’s fans nervous in the third set when he nearly let his rival win on his own serve. He was leading with an advantage of three points in the seventh game, when he converted the second break point 4:3. His prominent Australian rival could not regain his strength after such a ‘knockdown’ again and lost the set 6:4.

In the fourth set Golubev again won the third game when Melzer was serving. Then he won his own serve 3:1. Austria’s tennis professional yielded the victory in the seventh game during his own serve 5:2. Golubev won his next serve and secured the third victory over Austria’s team 3:1.

Australian team refused to play the fifth match.

Tennis. Davis Cup, 1/8 finals

Andrey Golubev (Kazakhstan) – Jurgen Melzer (Austria) 4:6, 6:3, 6:4, 6:2


Tennis: Kazakhstan’s Korolev won over world No.30 in tennis

Feb 04. Tengrinews

Kazakhstan’s Yevgeny Korolev, first yielded three points in the first set of the 1/8 Davis Cup finals match, but then won back the lost points and won the match against Austria’s Jurgen Melzer, reports.

2:5 is considered the score when there are no chances left to turn the match around. However, Korolev managed to win the match against the leader of Austria’s team Jurgen Melzer, who is ranked 30th according to the latest ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) ranking.

The Kazakhstan tennis professional evened the score to 6:6 and then won Tie Break with the score of 7:4. He gripped the lead in the first half of the second set 3:0. The Austria’s tennis professional managed to break his own serves, but Korolev didn’t leave him any chances and won 6:3.

Yevgeny won a break point in the beginning of the third set. He managed to convert it 2:1. He also managed to save one more serve of his rival making the score 4:1. Then he won his own serve 5:2. Then he served for victory and Ausitria’s tennis professional made an out landing the ball outside the length of the ground 15:0. 30:0 Yevgeny gets got his rival running to one corned and the ball flying into the other corner. Melzer hit the ball out once again 40:0. Korolev didn’t throw away this lead and won 6:2 and 2:0.

The Davis Cup World Group, the first round:

Yevgeny Korolev (Kazakhstan) – Jurgen Melzer (Austria) 7:6 (7:4), 6:3, 6:2