Kazakhstani Khadisha Onalbaeva, awarded a Steinway Artist title

Jan 15. Kazpravda

By Tatiana BEK

Kazakhstani Khadisha Onalbaeva, awarded a Steinway Artist titleKazakhstan pianist Khadisha Onalbaeva has got an honorary title of Steinway Artist, which was announced after her solo concert in Mobile (Alabama, USA).

At different times the Steinway Artist title was conferred on Sergei Rachmaninoff, Vladimir Horowitz, Evgeny Kissin and other famous pianists. During the existence of Steinway Artists program since 1872, after a triumphant concert tour of Anton Rubinstein, 1,600 musicians had been awarded this honorary title. Kazakhstan’s Khadisha Onalbaeva became 1601st on the list.

According to Jane Gordon, head of the Steinway Artists, Khadisha Onalbaeva became the first honorary Steinway artist in 2013, and the first pianist from Kazakhstan, and will be officially inaugurated into this title in a ceremony on January 22.

In February, H. Onalbaeva is to play the piano of the famed Vladimir Horowitz in a solo concert as part of the ” Horowitz piano tour.”

Under the terms of the Steinway Artists program, from now on the company will provide its instruments for all the concerts of Khadisha Onalbaeva, and she will be invited to all the concerts organized by Steinway company.

In recent years Khadisha Onalbaeva has been living in the U.S., teaching at universities and colleges in Florida and Alabama, and has a busy concert schedule. In 2013 she will be in Almaty and Astana on a concert tour. The pianist has recently released in the U.S. a first solo CD-ROM entitled “Music. Menin ?mіrіm “, (My life) which will soon be available in Kazakhstan.