“Knots and hands” of Kamilla Gabdullina

Jan 17. Kazpravda


"Knots and hands" of Kamilla GabdullinaThe CROUS gallery in Paris is hosting a personal exhibition of a young Kazakhstani artist Kamilla Gabdullina “Knots and hands”.

– I am interested in the phenomenon of mimetism (a kind of mimicry – auth.) in the crowd, that gets worked up easily – Kamilla said in the talk on the exhibition subject on Skype.

Such is the focus of her art! On feedbacks from the friends who had been to the exhibition “Knots and hands”, in Kamilla’s painting there is a breath of the present day and the feel of life eternity at the same time. That, according to poet and director Erbol Jumagulov, makes her art understandable to motley audience.

This is not surprising: the fate of the young artist is a reflection of her generation’s life, who fits into the world community easily. Kamilla is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts in France, whereto, she, a girl from Almaty, went after school to learn the language. And then, unexpectedly to all (especially to her parents), a childhood hobby came back to her, when she could sit for hours with pencil and paper, drawing the world around her. And she decided to apply to the academy. In 2006 she was admitted to it, after passing a tough competition (only 5% of applicants were admitted), and in 2011 became the first and so far the only Kazakh graduate of one of the most prestigious and oldest art schools in France.

That’s how she puts her artistic credo: to penetrate the subconscious mind and to subjectively see and express the world. The topic of interest to her is conflict between spiritual and material worlds. What follows from it and takes shape thanks to the artist’s brush has nothing to do with reality, but is trying to find its place in space.

Exhibition “Knots and hands” was organized by the Regional Centre of young contemporary artists (CROUS), funded by the Ministry of National Education of France, that is promoting young talents.