“KazTransOil”: 15 years at the forefront

Dec 27. Kazpravda


"KazTransOil": 15 years at the forefrontThe jubilee year of the “KazTransOil” was marked by participation in the important and large-scale government project – the program “People’s IPO”.

Results of the initial public offering of the company’s shares exceeded all expectations! We congratulate the company’s staff on the victory and honorable award – the JSC “KazTransOil” won the Grand Prix in the national contest of social responsibility of business “Paryz” – the main award, traditionally delivered personally by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The successful start of the “People’s IPO”, as noted in the state of the national address “Strategy 2050” President Nursultan Nazarbayev, “…is primarily the distribution of wealth among the people. The Company “KazTransOil” announced the placement of 28 billion tenge, and the applications have already doubled the offer, “- he said.

The total volume of applications from the population and the PSF was 59 billion, i.e. the demand exceeded supply in half. In total 34,687 applications were received, of which 34 676 – from the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 10 – from pension saving funds and one – from the market maker. It should be noted that the volume of applications increased daily, and if the first time it was 200-300 million tenge a day, in the last two days the figures reached 2.3 and 5.3 billion, respectively.

The program turned to be really people: securities were bought by mostly ordinary people, including pensioners. A good indicator is the fact that one fifth of the sold shares were acquired by the employees of “KazTransOil” – 7 thousand people, and this demonstrates their confidence in the company. In total 33,989 citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 11 legal entities have become the shareholders of the company “KazTransOil”.

– We are proud that as a pioneer of the “People’s IPO”, initiated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, we were able to adequately implement the important and ambitious program – said after the awarding ceremony of the competition Director General of the JSC “KazTransOil” Kairgeldy Kabyldin. – The people of Kazakhstan showed the confidence and support to the program primarily because of high authority of the President, his desire to ensure the growth of Kazakhstan’s economy and improve well-being of our nationals, – he said.

During 15 years of its activity the national operator of oil transportation “KazTransOil” has made a significant contribution to the ongoing economic reforms, as well as to the welfare of Kazakhstan. The company implemented significant social projects for the social support of the population in 14 regions of the country where the company carries out its production activities, assists in such areas as healthcare, education, culture, sports and the environment. This is reflected in the construction and commissioning of health and sport centers, kindergartens and housing. “KazTransOil” is one of the first urban planners of Astana. The company has been actively involved in providing charitable help to civil associations and low-incomes people, orphans, war and labor veterans and the disabled.

The National Company “KazTransOil” provides services on supplying fresh water to consumers in Atyrau and Mangistau regions on one of the world’s longest water pipeline Astrakhan – Mangyshlak. For more than two decades the company regularly provides fresh water for citizens residing in towns and villages, oil production companies and farmers of this arid region.

As the main and largest operator in the transportation of Kazakh oil the company nearly doubled the pace of industrial activity by implementing large-scale projects, which has become an important milestone in the practical implementation of the strategy of multi-vector systems for oil transportation. The company provides all the refineries of the country with hydrocarbons, and as the operator of more than 80 major petroleum companies, it transports 59% of the total oil produced in Kazakhstan.

“KazTransOil” having a powerful network of oil pipelines is active in the development of the infrastructure sector, the search for alternative and best routes for energy resources. In addition, thanks to the growth of financial and economic performance of the enterprise it is one of the largest taxpayers. In the last four years “KazTransOil” paid over 16 billion of taxes.

High status of the main oil pipeline company in Kazakhstan – an important role for the economy in general and the national oil and gas industry in particular, was the determining factor that “KazTransOil” in a group of large companies of the “Samruk-Kazyna” was chosen a pioneer for the stock market as a participant in the program “People’s IPO”.

According to international and Kazakh experts the NC “KazTransOil” showed one of the best conformities to the principles of international practices in the process of preparing the company for IPO. Financial performance, corporate management, development strategy, the level of transparency made the company one of the most suitable candidates to enter the stock market.

– JSC “KazTransOil” will continue to work for the good of our country and its citizens, following the highest standards of quality and achieve labor victories to justify the full confidence of our shareholders! – concluded the head of the JSC “KazTransOil”.