Kazakh representative appointed vice chairman of OSCE office in Minsk

Aug. 24. Trend News. Astana


According to the decision of the Greek presidency, OSCE Special Envoy for Kazakhstan, Zhandos Asanov, has been appointed vice chairman of OSCE office in Minsk. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Yerzhan Ashikbayev, informed during the briefing.

This decision will enter into force on Sept. 1. According to Y. Ashikbayev, according to the OSCE schedule of posts, vice chairman of the OSCE office is a senior supervising position for political issues and has big importance in preparation of Kazakhstan for OSCE presidency.

“The process of seconding the Kazakhstan diplomats for various positions in the key OSCE bodies will provide harmonious work and high level of interaction with the OSCE Secretariat for performing of the functions of the presidency next year,” the diplomat said.

This decision was preceded by a careful preparation work and a negotiating process. Recognition of Kazakhstan’s role in addressing the serious issues on the agenda of the OSCE can be named among the factors that influenced the positive decision on Kazakhstan’s candidacy (out of seven candidates, representing Kazakhstan, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Austria).