Know-how from Germany

Dec 21. Kazpravda

By Rysty Alibekova

Know-how from GermanyFirst in Kazakhstan Energy Efficiency Center was established in Astana.

The new center is Kazakh-German joint project created to attract foreign investment, for transfer of technologies and consulting services in the field of energy saving. The Centre was established in cooperation with the JSC “Kazahenergoekspertiza” and the German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur – DENA).

The workshop tied to this event was attended by Ambassador of Germany to Kazakhstan Guido Herz, chairman of the DENA Stephan Kohler and about a hundred representatives of the largest Kazakh companies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, First Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies Albert Rau stressed that the Law “On energy saving and energy efficiency” will come into active force from January 1, 2013,as well as the Comprehensive Plan of RK to improve energy effectiveness. The accent will be laid on the industry as 70% of energy resources is consumed by this sector and 15% of leading enterprises and companies are consumers of 35% of electricity.

– Unfortunately, the specific norms of energy consumption per unit of output are by five times higher than in developed countries, which affects the competitiveness, – said A. Rau. – Therefore we will individually work with 15 largest enterprises.

It was noted at the meeting that from 2013 the companies consuming more than 1500 tons of fuel, as well as all budget organizations and state enterprises will enter into the Unified Register of energy consumers and will develop comprehensive plans. Appropriate sanctions will be applied to those who ignore these requirements.

– It is obvious that enterprises must be interested in saving of energy -said the first vice-minister of industry and new technologies. – It’s an open secret that energy prices are steadily growing. Therefore, the higher the price, the greater the incentive to save energy. That’s why in all regions we will follow the policy to tighten technical regulations and save energy.

The official added that the bottleneck of the above plans is the lack of qualified energy auditors. This gap will be filled by the activity of the German Energy Agency involved in cooperation since 2010. The DENA has already trained the first 10 energy auditors with international certification.

Its chairman Stefan Kohler presented the company’s activities established as a competence center for energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources, and made a detailed talk on the areas of cooperation with Kazakh partners.