IV Civil Forum to define ways of further development for Kazakh NGOs


Yelena Ilyinskaya

Almaty Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations Ariptes and Information and Resource Center of Almaty city have held a meeting of non-governmental organizations of Almaty city titled: “The Role of NGOs in Further Development of Civil Society”.

Heads of Almaty NGOs took part in the event. According to Head of the Department on Work with NGOs of Almaty Tolkyn Sametova noted that the meeting was held on the eve of the Almaty NGO Forum scheduled on August, 26. All the meeting will become so called “final rehearsal” before the National IV Civil Forum with President’s participation scheduled on October, 6-7, 2009.

According to President of Ariptes Laila Akhmetova the IV Civil Forum will define the ways of further development of the Kazakh institutes of the civil society.