“Business Roadmap-2020”

Nov 15. Kazpravda

By Expert Council in public cohesion and social modernization

"Business Roadmap-2020"“Business Roadmap-2020″ program is going on. There is no such a program of state support for entrepreneurship in the world. In 2012 about 37 billion tenge was allocated for that. More than one thousand companies with a total workforce of about 130 thousand people receive state support in various directions”. President Nursultan Nazarbayev XIX session of the RK People’s Assembly April 27, 2012.

In 2010 Kazakhstan launched the program “Business Roadmap-2020”, aimed at sustainable and balanced growth of the regional businesses in non-oil sectors of the economy and maintenance of the existing and creation of new jobs. Two years of its implementation have shown the success of and demand for the business support. “BRM-2020” was developed together with entrepreneurs, financiers, local executive bodies to enhance its effectiveness.

In the frames of the “BRM-2020” over 2.2 thousand projects have been approved for subsidizing, engineering infrastructure was constructed for 335 companies, over 30 thousand entrepreneurs received real support.

Amendments to the program were adopted: grants for start-ups worth KZT 3 million are provided, leasing contracts are subsidized and a new system of loan guarantee is introduced. Individual loans guarantees for large borrowers in the sum of KZT 60 mln -750 mln, KZT 750 mln – 4.5 billion with involvement of the third party expert organizations, express warranties for existing business (on loans of up to 60 million tenge) and start-ups (up to KZT 20 mln, at that the maximum amount of the guarantee will be 70% of the loan) are provided.

The program focuses on four areas: support for new business initiatives, improvement of business sector, support for export-oriented industries, strengthening of entrepreneurial capacity. At present the fifth direction of the “Business Road Map-2020” is under development to attract investment to the regions, especially from the CU countries.

Priority sectors of economy for potential participants in the program are agriculture, technical services in mining industry, textiles, furniture and construction materials production, metallurgy, metal, machinery, transportation and storekeeping, tourism, information and communication, professional, scientific and technical activity, social area.

“BRM-2020” is a tool to stimulate economic activity in our country and the government is doing its best to provide local business with financial support in its post-crisis development.