Stability in Kazakhstan

Oct 31. Kazpravda

By Sergei Osanov

Stability in KazakhstanInfluential British analytical center Legatum Institute published the rating of most thriving countries in the world. According to the London experts, the most prosperous country today is Norway, holding this position four years in a row, the second is Denmark, the third – Sweden.

But the main surprise was the fact that for the first time the United States are outside the top ten wealthy nations. They are only twelfth. The global crisis has shaken the position of other countries too. For example, Russia has lost seven notches – from 59th to 66th, Kazakhstan kept the 46th place in the rankings, then goes Latvia, Belarus is 54th, China – 55th, Ukraine – 71st.

The ranking of the top prosperous countries estimates progress in eight categories: strength of economy, business climate, management efficiency, education and healthcare systems, security and the rule of law, personal freedom, and social capital. The ranking includes 144 countries.