5 mln Kazakhs reside abroad, report says


5 mln Kazakhs reside abroad, report saysCurrently 5 million Kazakhs reside aboard.

This figure has been made public at Friday international conference ‘Repatriation of ethnic Kazakhs to Kazakhstan as a constituent part of the state migration policy: achievements, challenges and solutions’ in Almaty. The event is dedicated to 20 years of the World Association of Kazakhs.

According to data of Eurasia Center under the Gumilyov Eurasian National University, 1.5 million Kazakhs reside in China, 1.5 million Kazakhs – in Uzbekistan, 1 million – in Russia, 170 thousand – in Mongolia, others live in the U.S., Australia and some European countries.

Ethnic Kazakhs reside in 42 countries of the world. Over the period of Kazakhstan’s independence some Kazakhs from China, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan returned to Kazakhstan.