Kazakhstan right for alternative energy development

Oct. 2. Trend. Astana

By D. Mukhtarov

Kazakhstan right for alternative energy developmentThe chairman of the Kazenergy Association administration Timur Kulibayev considers that Kazakhstan has all the conditions for development of alternative energy.

“Kazakhstan has a legislative mechanism for the development of ‘green energy’. We also have natural conditions for the development of solar and wind energy. The sun shines 360 days a year in some regions of the country and we have five points where wind power can be used,” Kulibayev reported on Tuesday at press conference in Astana during the KazEnergy VII Eurasian forum.

He reminded the audience that production of solar panels has already been launched in the country and five projects on development of wind energy being implemented. However, the development of alternative energy sources is still expensive in comparison with the use of traditional energy sources.

“We are lucky to have rich subsoil. We have the whole range of hydrocarbons and are the major uranium producers. We own rich coal reserves which is the cheapest in the world. However, the world is changing. Expensive gas is being replaced with alternative energy sources in Europe,” Kulibayev stated.

Kulibayev said development of technology leads to a change of energy balance in the world. Alternative energy is currently only affordable for rich countries. However, it’s an actual issue for developing countries. This is why technology transfer is essential for Kazakhstan in order not to fall behind world tendencies

Reportedly, a decision on holding the next World Petroleum Council (WPC) meeting, dedicated to technology transfer, has recently been made in Astana.