Major Kazakh companies depend on the English Court: British assets in Kazakhstan

Sept 26. Baku Today

Major Kazakh companies depend on the English Court: British assets in KazakhstanAbout 20 of Kazakhstani companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange at main and alternative markets. This, by the way, apart from the financial aspects, is another company data are now in the zone of the English judiciary, which gives another lever of influence of Great Britain in Kazakhstan-in its weekly review on foreign “investors” to the portal Tengrinews writes, the representative of the Association of cross-border cooperation Marat ?ibutov.

According to him, “the London Stock Exchange on IPO following major Kazakhstan companies: Kazakhmys PLC, ENRC, JSC Exploration Production Kazmunaygas Jsc, KazakhGold Group Limited, Jsc Bta Bank“, Zhaikmunai LP, Kazkommertsbank Jsc, “Kazakhstan Kagazy” JSC, Halyk Bank Of Kazakhstan Ojsc, Alliance Bank JSC, Chagala Group and others. The alternative capital market (AIM) has no less than five companies. “

However, it is the duty of the British “September 30, 2011, Kazakhstan was 21.864 billion, of which $ 0.325 should public sector, 10.058 billion to Kazakhstan banks, 0.832 billion dollars is business-to-business debt (local branches of British firms have their parent company) and 10.648 billion to the rest. Guaranteed by the Government of Kazakhstan debt to Britain is 0.325 billion.

If added to the island of Great Britain, the situation is changing, and the United Kingdom have come virtually close to Netherlands-common responsibility of Kazakhstan then is 26.257 billion dollars. Practically United Kingdom and Netherlands together hold nearly half of Kazakhstan’s foreign debt “.

Is no less interesting, and the volume of investment referred to in the article: “the flow of investments from Kazakhstan to the UK (since 2004, for the third quarter of 2011,) is very great and is about 3.189 billion (with island possessions 4.177 billion). According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RK, Kazakhstani investment in Uk accounted for 5.4 billion dollars. “

The author then moves on to an overall review of Britannia industries.

“The main articles of the Kazakhstani exports are minerals, ferrochrome, steel, copper, wool, skins, fertilizers, precious and semi-precious metals. Kazakhstan imports from the UK equipment and technical equipment, transport equipment, optical instruments, chemicals, alcohol and tobacco products, textiles, food products, and more.

With regard to direct British investment in our economy, they are at the end of the third quarter of 2011, 18.574 billion, equivalent to 8.46 per cent of total investment. Practically, after the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the United States is the third largest investor in Kazakhstan. However, if you add these investments derived from the various island possessions of Britain (Cayman, Bermuda, Virgin Islands and Gibraltar), the amount increased to 34.766 billion, which compared with American investment. Of course, these “island money” many are not British, but, nevertheless, they are all subordinate to the British court that may be deemed to be British “.

It is very important that “the United Kingdom is investing in the following sectors: oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan’s economy, gold, air transport, finance, agriculture.

Major British companies in the Kazakhstan economy are:

• British Gas (BG)-British company, it owns 32.5 per cent of deposits of Karachaganak, also has a share of 2% in Caspian Pipeline Consortium.

• British Aerospace (BAE) Systems -one of the largest companies in the world to produce weapons. Owns 49 per cent of the shares of airline “Air Astana“. Former CEO of BAE and a graduate of the Royal Masonic School Sir Richard Evans in 2006-2008 was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding “Samruk“and since 2008, is an independent Director NWF Samruk-Kazyna.

• Royal Dutch Shell -one of the largest companies in the world, a joint British-Dutch. She owns 16.81% Kashagan and 40 per cent in the ?em?u?inah (oil- BakuToday ). The latter structure was the first structure after Kashagan, where oil had been discovered.

• Hambledon Mining Plc -gold-mining company, works in 15 years. Now the company is developing a zolotorudnoe deposit Sekisovskoe, reserves accounted for 1.8 million ounces, with a possible increase to 2.5 million ounces.

• HSBC is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. Presented in Kazakhstan as well as HSBC and in 2010, bought the retail SB “The Royal Bank of Scotland (Kazakhstan)“. Is on March 1, 2012, assets $ 198.3 billion, loan portfolio 88.9 billion tenge, late payments are credit to 6.19% of the loan portfolio.

• The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc -a subsidiary of one of the biggest British banks. Does not work in retail, corporate and investment bank. Is on March 1, 2012, assets $ 132.5 billion, loan portfolio 12.9 billion tenge, late payments are credit to 0.33 per cent of the loan portfolio.

Total 453 registered in Kazakhstan joint Kazakh-British companies, of which 162 enterprises with the share of foreign investors. In addition, strong in Kazakstan and the positions of the British Council, serving as the cultural Division of the Embassy of Great Britain in Kazakhstan and a co-founder Kazakh-British Technical University“.

In turn, “trade with Britain is:

• In 2008, the Kazakhstan export made 1.810 billion (2.5% of the total), import was 0.689 billion (1.8 per cent of the total);

• In 2009, the Kazakhstan export made 1.235 billion (2.9 per cent of the total), import totaled 0.702 billion (2.5% of the total);

• In 2010, Kazakhstan export made 1.379 billion (2.3 per cent), imports amounted to 0.725 billion (2.3 per cent).