Economy growing, modernization keeps going

Sept 25. Kazpravda

By Magzum Sultangaliyev

Economy growing, modernization keeps goingYesterday President Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the session of RK Majilis and expressed gratitude to Karim Massimov for the work done and introduced Serik Akhmetov as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As the President’s press service informed, Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that there were several changes in the President’s Administration and other state bodies.

– Within six years Karim Massimov has been in his office. He had to work during the largest global economic crisis. And we all, including the government and the executive authorities, coped with these difficulties with honor. Anti-crisis programs have been rapidly developed and approved to overcome the global financial crisis. Thus, $ 13 billion, allocated from the national fund, helped to stabilize the banking system and avoid recession in our economy. It can be said that the Prime Minister coped with all the tasks, – he said.

The President said that the work on improvement of banking sector keeps going. In addition, Nursultan Nazarbayev noted improvement of conditions for development of entrepreneurship in the country.

– You know that administrative barriers are being reduced. Such programs as “Business Road Map-2020”, “Production 2020”, “Employment-2020” have been developed. We have made a significant progress and a breakthrough in a number of ratings of the World Bank. I gave the task to rank Kazakhstan among the top 50 most competitive countries. Recently, in the Global competitiveness index, we took the 51st position, and it is a great honor, whereas many of the CIS countries are left behind, – said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The President also noted that Kazakhstan is successfully implementing the state program on industrial-innovative development. From the beginning of 2008, GDP rose to KZT 27.3 trillion, 706 projects of the industrialization map worth KZT 11.5 billion are successfully implemented, 400 thousand new jobs will be created, agricultural output has doubled since 2007, Kazakhstan is among the seven world wheat exporters.

The President stressed that these figures show progressive development of the domestic economy.

– National electricity network has been modernized. We have launched a range of projects to provide electricity to our republic, petrochemical complex is working in Atyrau, a lot of work was done in transport and communication sector, 14,000 kilometers of roads, more than a thousand kilometers of railways were repaired, renovated and constructed during the years of independence, at present a transport corridor Western Europe – Western China is under construction, Kazakhstan sector of 2,700 kilometers will be completed by the end of 2013, – he went on.

The assets of the banking sector have increased by 50%, showing revival of the financial system. The President stressed that over the last five years, more than 600 hospitals, clinics, 300 schools have been built, unemployment rate went down from 7.5% to 5.3%, the tasks, set in the article “Social modernization: 20 steps towards a universal labor society” are successfully implemented.

Nursultan Nazarbayev said that after the talks with the leaders of the Majilis factions it was decided to appoint Serik Akhmetov a Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– Serik Akhmetov has experience in management and administrative work in implementation of major projects. This is particularly important for continuation of the course of social modernization, industrialization and diversification of our economy. He knows the current work of the Government and was involved in elaboration of programs that are under implementation. Serik Akhmetov is most appropriate person for work in the new Government. In compliance with Article 56 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I ask Majilis to agree with the appointment of Serik Akhmetov as Prime Minister, – the President said.

The Majilis deputies unanimously supported the offer. After that, the President signed the decree on appointment of Serik Akhmetov as the head of the Government.

S. Akhmetov thanked the President for confidence and trust and confirmed that he would do his best to justify the high confidence of the President of the Republic.