826 young people educated abroad to return to Kazakhstan in 2009

August 11. Trend News

K. Konirova

As many as 826 young people educated abroad under the presidential program Bolashak will return to Kazakhstan this year, Center of International Programs announced.

“This is the largest graduation in the history of this program. Winners of Bolashak scholarship will be back by end of the 2009 year,” the same source added.

Now their recruitment is relevant topic.

“Therefore, a Memorandum on cooperation with the Center of International Programs and the National Center for Managing State Service Personnel will be signed at the Agency of State Service on Aug. 13. This document is aimed at assisting employment of young scholarship winners, admitted to state service, the Center of International Programs announced.

The Kazakh president established the international scholarship Bolashak in 1994. During this period nearly 3,000 young people have got higher education at the universities of Europe, North America, Russia, Australia and Asia.

This program is unique in the CIS. The government’s educational initiative was directed at training specialists on the fields of social and technical science for state administration. At the same time, the strategic goal of the project is to extend the cadre potential of the young government, to improve the level of education and technology of new Kazakhstan bureaucracy.

So far, 1,780 people received education under the Bolashak program. Some18.2 percent of Boloshak winners work in the state organs and budget organizations.

“All the graduates have opportunity to be enrolled in governmental reserves of cadre for further recruitment in administrative positions. Inquiry held among the graduates of 2008-2009 school year revealed almost 74 percent of the respondents are eager to work in the state administration,” the Center of International Program reported.

The Center of International Programs administers the international presidential scholarship of the Kazakh Republic “Bolashak”. The Center was established on April 4, 2005 to fulfill tasks set by President Nursultan Nazarbaev on increase of the number of Bolashak winners to 3,000.